Health & Wellness Taskforce

Check Out OSU’s 2016-2019 Wellness Strategic Plan 

The 2016-2017 USAC established the Health and Wellness (H&W) Taskforce as a branch of the Staff Compensation and Benefits Subcommittee. The H&W Taskforce is comprised of five members from wide-ranging units of the university that include the Wexner Medical Center, OSU’s Health Plan, Student Life Administration, Recreational Sports, and the Student Wellness Center. The H&W Taskforce is co-chaired by Marisha Goldsmith and Nikole Prete who work alongside members Tom Gessells, Kris Myers and Julie Hannahs.

The H&W Taskforce goals for the inaugural year are to discover and develop connections with Health and Wellness leaders, establish an ongoing conversation and relationship with them that will continue into the future, and bring awareness to less talked about components of health and wellness in particular emotional/mental and financial health.

The first step was to identify the various groups and leaders in the Health and Wellness world at the university.  Once that was accomplished, we set about to have conversations with the different meetings.  As this was coordinated, members of the H&W Taskforce began compiling the extensive investment the university has made into health and wellness by way of programs, benefits, and self-development opportunities.  We were able to promote what these programs offered to staff at the Rally for Wellness in the fall.  Staff had heard of programs before, but did not always understand what they did.  By detailing the reverse and showcasing what staff could receive from the program instead of the name, the H&W Taskforce received anecdotal feedback on how useful this was in realizing how these programs could actually be utilized.

The key group met with is One University Health and Wellness Council (OUHWC) comprised of stakeholders from every health and wellness area across the university.  OUHWC familiarized the Taskforce with the Health and Wellness Strategic Plan for the university.  The strategic plan helped provide a framework the H&W Taskforce to start from.  This has led to opportunities for USAC involvement including coordination and presentation of a REACH suicide prevention training ( targeting USAC committee members, alumni, and local Staff Advisory Council members.  This is in line with the mental/emotional health component that the H&W Taskforce wants to draw attention to this year.

Future plans include additional networking with Health and Wellness leaders, promoting emotional/mental and financial health programs available to staff, and recording best practices and opportunities for the coming years.