What It Means To Be A Buckeye

Being a Buckeye means to be the light that conquers the darkness and brightens the way.

It hasn’t been long since I transferred to Ohio State — or perhaps I just haven’t realized that it has. It doesn’t feel like it’s been long since last fall because I found a big, happy family away from my home soon after I came to OSU from Manipal University in India. As a student, I had a jar full of worries and concerns when I first came to OSU. Ignorant of the new culture and new environment, I wasn’t sure what was I getting into, but one thing I knew was that I was enthusiastic and optimistic about things that were in store for me.

Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with the meaning of being a Buckeye. Believe me when I tell you, this was the first step I took toward realizing what it meant for me to be a Buckeye: the crucial step which brought me closer to understanding that being a Buckeye was a responsibility for me that I took pride in.

A feeling that we all share.

A feeling that we all share.

The essence of the word “Buckeye” is deeply rooted in OSU’s rich culture and traditions which unite all of us under the spirit of a shared sense of belonging and an unparalleled appreciation for our alma mater. If you know Carmen Ohio in its entirety, then following lines will put you in the mood of Buckeye spirit.

“These jolly days of priceless worth,
By far the gladdest days on earth,
soon will pass and we not know
how dearly we love Ohio.”

These four lines from Carmen Ohio are more than just lyrics of the song. These lines reflect upon one of the true meanings of being a Buckeye, and that is to acknowledge the fact that the time you will spend here at The Ohio State University will surely be one hell of a ride full of laughter, tears (of joy, obviously), new relationships and cherished memories. And this is not something that anyone will impose on you to acknowledge, instead you will realize it yourself with the passage of time.

Maybe one day it will just hit you when you see the diversity, excellence and positive energy around you on campus, or when you graduate along with thousands of other students and you’ll realize that you had the glorious opportunity to be an integral part of something much bigger than you. Sooner or later you will realize what it means for you to be a Buckeye, and that is when you will fall short of words to describe it to others (including your fellow Buckeyes) like I am right now.

Being a Buckeye is not about you or me, instead it’s about all of us and how we come together to show our support and love for one another. It’s about how we constantly and selflessly strive towards creating a positive impact on the society and the world. Being a Buckeye is all about paying it forward — may it be happiness, knowledge, experience, or an affectionate gesture.

For me, being a Buckeye is an inseparable part of my identity. Being a Buckeye is what gives me a purpose for my actions. It is what defines my college culture and traditions through my actions. “Buckeye” in itself is a powerful word which cheers me up when I start losing hope, puts a smile on my face when I run out of reasons to stay positive, and reminds me of the immense warmth, affection, support and encouragement that I am getting from my family, friends and professors each and every day here at OSU.

“Though age may dim our memory’s store
we’ll think of happy days of yore,
True to friend and frank to foe,
as sturdy sons of Ohio”

As mentioned in Carmen Ohio, Buckeye spirit is something that will stay with you forever, till the end of eternity, no matter where you are. It will remind you of the best of the times and will become a reason for you to keep your head held high.


Then and Now: Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is one of Ohio State University’s most iconic landmarks. Many students are familiar with its accompanying wildlife social media sensations including Afro Duck and the crew (will we ever see you all again?), but many are less familiar with Mirror Lake’s over 100-year history.

Let’s take a closer look at the lake’s transformation over the years.

I. Beginnings

Back in 1873, Mirror Lake was not simply, well, Mirror Lake, or at least the way we know it today. A stream called “Neil Run” flowed from the Olentangy River to High Street, emptying into a wetland stretching across what is today the entire South Oval.


II. Narrow escape from death

Eventually, however, the water was diverted into a sewer system and the remaining wetland, once fed by an underground bog system, dried up. The lake was faced with its seemingly inevitable demise.

But do not fear, for the great people of Ohio State stood up and took action against this blasphemy; they demanded that water should once again flow into the area and university officials listened to their pleas.

III. Transformations and additions

Mirror Lake used to have islands that were attainable via bridges. These awesome tree-covered islands would eventually fall victim to a storm that damaged the Columbus area. Although a tragedy, Mirror Lake was reconstructed and the memorial fountain, still seen today, was added as a replacement.


In more recent history, Mirror Lake has also enjoyed some renovations. A brick floor as well as a concrete boundary were added to prevent erosion and infiltration of groundwater. In addition, the water in the lake, which drains into the Olentangy River, is supplied by the city of Columbus’s municipal water supply.

The Browning Amphitheatre also accompanies Mirror Lake, located off its southern bank. Originally the Browning Dramatic Society dedicated the amphitheatre to the performances of Shakespeare’s plays; however, the society later dissolved and the amphitheatre turned into an outdoor study space for students.


Eventually, however, a group called Ohio Staters, Inc. would bring new life to the amphitheatre by renovating it into an outdoor performance center that is today used for concerts, plays, dance shows, and of course, the occasional wedding or two.

IV. Accompanying traditions

Mirror Lake has always hosted student activity. One (no longer active) tradition was a tug-of-war competition over the lake between freshmen and sophomore students. Another (actually active) tradition is when Ohio Staters, Inc. hosts their annual “Light Up the Lake” celebration. During this event the trees surrounding Mirror Lake are decorated with winter lights and students gather to see them alighted. This winter event also features musical performances, speakers and of course, “Carmen, Ohio.”

V. Legendary status today

During its early years, Mirror Lake was close to being paved over and replaced by just another road on Ohio State’s campus but thankfully its historical significance and scenic value make it one of the most revered places on campus and a “must” for your next Instagram picture. Although it has undergone many transformations over the years, Mirror Lake holds a firm place in Ohio State’s history and will without a doubt continue to house traditions and Buckeye memories in the future.

Your Next Halloween Costume

The Conversation Starters

1)   Fortune Teller: Here’s a great way to introduce yourself: “Would like me to read your fortune?” A fortune teller costume is easy and original! Head scarf, sparkly top, a long skirt and maybe even a shawl. Gold jewelry is the perfect accessory. Have a few fortunes ready for a fantastic conversation starter.

2)   Futurama Cast: “You like Futurama? So do I!” Boys, Fry is easy to copy with a simple red jacket, white shirt and blue jeans. However, Zoidberg would be more interesting, complete with the doctor’s garb and tentacles over the mouth. For girls, Leela’s outfit is defined by her purple hair (wig is necessary) and singular eye (use string and a paper to cover your eyes with one large one – eye holes are convenient). The white tank top, black pants and black boots are easy to put together. For an added special touch, a gray gun would make the costume look cool and authentic. (Don’t like Futurama? How about Amy from the Big Bang Theory or a doctor from Grey’s Anatomy?)

3)   Minions: Everyone thinks these guys are adorable. This unisex costume can easily be created with jeans, a yellow shirt, and black suspenders. The eyes can either be done with big glasses or you could put those chemistry goggles to use outside of the lab. Don’t forget to talk in gibberish!

4)   More Ideas: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Miley Cyrus, bird watchers, Flo from Progressive Insurance.

For the Last Minute Costume

1)   Scooby Doo characters: Boys, this one is simple. For Fred, wear a white T-shirt, blue jeans and red scarf around your neck — you can likely borrow the scarf from a neighbor or friend. A magnifying glass would also take this costume the extra mile. Another option is Shaggy. A hunter green shirt and brown pants are not too hard to come by, and they make the perfect Shaggy outfit. Girls, Daphne and Velma can be a little more tricky. But, if you have a purple dress or red pleated skirt and orange sweater, you’re golden.

2)   Where’s Waldo?: A unisex classic costume that never gets old. All you need is a red and white striped shirt, some thick black-rimmed glasses, jeans and a red hat. Super easy and fun, and your friends will know where you are all night!

3)   Wednesday Addams: Her creepy sense of humor is as easy to copy as her outfit. Just put together a white button-down shirt underneath a black dress (long sleeve is preferable). Black dresses are easily re-worn, so this costume won’t go to waste. Pair it with black shoes and braids.

4)   More Ideas: Risky Business, artist

Kids’ Costumes, All Grown Up

1)   Mary Poppins: Make a Disney classic come to life! Dress this costume up with a white T-shirt, red bow tie, navy blue skirt and red belt. Don’t forget the black shoes, dark hat and umbrella (knowing Ohio, you may actually need it!). Black tights and white gloves are optional, but red lipstick is highly recommended.

2)   Tooth fairy: Take this childhood hero and adapt it to modern times. This outfit would not be complete without a white tank top, white tutu, wings and a wand. Try to cut a tooth-shaped object out of paper and stick it to the wand. Top it off with some cool shades and a tiara.

3)   Cat Burglar: A cat costume is classic, but this idea takes this time-old costume to a new level! Put together your normal cat costume: cat ears, whiskers, tail, black outfit. Next, add a brown burlap sack with a large green money sign. Add a slim black mask over your eyes and carry a flashlight. Don’t forget to walk around sneakily!

4)   More Ideas: Kermet the Frog, Winnie the Pooh, Dora the Explorer

3 Things to Do Off-Campus This Fall

Columbus is a city filled with so many activities and opportunities that there’s always something to do — especially this fall! To celebrate Ohio’s finest season, here is a list of my favorite fall activities to do off-campus.

One of my personal favorites is the Circleville Pumpkin Show. Just as the name suggests, this festival is all about the pumpkin! Try one of the many different ways that pumpkin can be used: from pumpkin brownies, to pumpkin funnel cake, to pumpkin donuts, and even pumpkin pizza!

There are so many different ways to enjoy pumpkins and the Circleville Pumpkin Show is definitely a must-see. Last year, my residence hall had free busing to the event, so definitely check explore whether any residence halls  or campus organizations are planning to make a trip out to the event.

My second favorite thing to do during the fall is to go apple picking. Lynd Fruit Farm in Pataskala, Ohio, is a wonderful place to visit! Many residence halls organize bus rides to the Lynd Fruit Farm from campus, so again, ask your residence hall or your RA if there are any planned trips to the farm.

Lynd Fruit Farm also has an 8-acre corn maze where you can step out of our world and begin an amazing adventure into a maze of mystery and intrigue! Apple picking is great way to celebrate the beginning of fall by hanging out with friends, taking some great pictures, and tasting some crisp, yummy apples.

Finally, another great event in Columbus is the HighBall Halloween Masquerade in the Short North. The one-night event is centered around a Costume Couture Fashion Show, followed by a street party, live art, electrifying stage performances, and a public costume contest. All the proceeds go to support the initiatives of the Short North Arts District.

Autumn is finally here, so let’s sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as we watch the leaves turn to pretty shades of fall.​ Happy autumn everyone!


Ohio State: This is your life(time)

Beloit College recently released its annual Mindset List for the entering college class of 2018; the list describes pop culture, political and economic influences on the lifetime of a student.

We did some of our own research to discover how Ohio State has evolved since 1996–the year most current first-year students were born–and here are some things we uncovered:

1997 | 1 year old

Students vote to implement the COTA bus fee, which provides unlimited city bus transportation throughout Columbus for a flat fee each term.

The William C. Davis Baseball Stadium is dedicated. In 2011 the field was named for the 2000 Big Ten Freshman Player of the Year (and current Cleveland Indians player) Nick Swisher, who donated $500,000 to renovations.

1998 | 2 years old

Campus expands on the north side with the opening of the Jerome Schottenstein Center and the Fisher College of Business. The Schott sees over 1 million visitors annually and Fisher consistently ranks as one of the top business schools in the country.

1999 | 3 years old

Students leave orientation with their autumn term schedule of classes in hand. Prior to 1999, the schedule was mailed to their home address later in the summer.

2000 | 4 years old

Formal recruitment for Sorority and Fraternity Life moves from early autumn to the beginning of winter term, allowing new students to have the fall to get adjusted to campus life before deciding whether to join a Greek organization.

Our synchronized swimming team earns the first of five consecutive national championships; the team has earned 28 national championships over its 80-year history, more than any other athletic team at Ohio State.

2001 | Kindergarten

First Year Experience is established to help new students get started, make connections, and get answers in their first year (and beyond).

The Ohio Stadium capacity exceeds 100,000. Summer 2014 renovations will bump capacity to more than 104,000, making the ‘Shoe the third largest stadium in the Big Ten (behind Michigan and Penn State).

BuckeyeThon has its first dance marathon; it is now the largest student-run philanthropy at Ohio State, raising money to support kids at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Football coach Jim Tressel begins the tradition of singing the alma mater, Carmen Ohio, after each football game.

2002 | First grade

Ohio State wins the 2002 football national championship against Miami (FL) in double overtime (technically, the game was played on January 3, 2003).

2003 | Second grade

Commencement is moved from Friday to Sunday as a convenience to graduating students’ families and out-of-town guests.

The first Student Activity Fee is implemented, giving students access to hundreds of events and activities on campus and in the surrounding community.

Wireless technology begins to emerge across campus.

2004 | Third grade

Women’s Pistol earns its second national championship.

Knowlton Hall opens and houses the Knowlton School of Architecture; the building earns numerous architectural awards.

2005 | Fourth grade

Several new buildings open in time for autumn classes, including the RPAC, the ARC, and the Physics Research Building.

2006 | Fifth grade

The College of Education and the College of Human Ecology merge to form the College of Education and Human Ecology.

Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith wins the Heisman Trophy, the most prestigious award in college football.

2007 | Sixth grade

Jessica Hanzlik is Ohio State’s first female Rhodes Scholar.

Ohio State joins Facebook; the page now has more than half a million “likes”.

2008 | Seventh grade

The College of Public Health is created.

Forty Brutus Buckeye statues are displayed around the Schottenstein Center as a fundraiser for the Thompson Library renovation project. Many of them can still be seen around campus today.

2009 | Eighth grade

Thompson Library reopens after major renovations; the Grand Reading Room (overlooking the Oval) and Campus Reading Room (top floor) are beloved study spots on campus.

Ohio State joins Twitter (@OhioState) #Buckeyes #Awesome

The first Pelotonia participants bike to raise money for cancer research.

2010 | High school freshman

The new Ohio Union opens in March. The original Ohio Union was the first student union at a public university.

2011 | High school sophomore

Entrepreneur Leslie Wexner donates $100 million to Ohio State; the Ohio State University Medical Center is renamed Wexner Medical Center in his honor.

2012 | High school junior

Ohio State switches from quarters to semesters, transforming the typical academic year from three 10-week terms to two 15-week terms.

TBDBITL goes viral after one incredible halftime show, with over 1 million YouTube hits in 24 hours.

2013 | High school senior

The North Residential District Transformation project breaks ground; it will yield 11 new buildings and 3,000+ beds upon completion in 2016.

What did we leave out? Let us know!


The 34 Best Instagram Opportunities on Ohio State’s Campus

Hello again, Buckeyes! I’m excited to talk about one of my favorite things: Instagram.

I find that Instagram is the most accessible and entertaining way to share my experiences. I love scrolling through my collection of Instagram photos as a way of recording and reliving my time at Ohio State so far.

On this 34th day of orientation, I’m sharing 34 of the best Instagram opportunities on Ohio State’s campus. Whether you’re in it for the “likes” or photography, enjoy my suggestions of insta opportunities.

1. Your Buck-ID. When you’re #new2osu, be sure to Instagram your BuckID. Just make sure to cover your student ID number in the lower left corner.

2. Orientation Group. Grab your group photo from the First Year Experience Facebook page to immortalize your college kick-off: orientation!


3. Convocation. The first time that the incoming Class of 2018 will be together at once. Imagine an Instagram with 7,000 new Buckeyes in it together.



4. New Friendship. Whether you’re with your new friends or roommate(s), share this moment. Your friends from home will be glad to see you’re not alone at school.

5. Welcome Week Concert. The Ohio Union Activities Board (OUAB) hosts a welcome back concert each fall.

6. Your first home on campus. This could be your residence hall, or, for commuting students, the Ohio Union.

Baker Hall East 2013

Baker Hall East 2013

7. The Oval. Any angle of the grassy Oval will perfectly capture something best described as “so college.”

8. Thompson Statue & Library. An image of this statue in front of the beautiful library glistening in the sunshine captures our tradition and excellence.

9. Thompson Stacks. These multi-colored stacks are encased in glass; perfect for a quirky insta.


10. Thompson Library at night. This west side of Thompson includes a glorious nighttime view of the glass windows and lights.


11. Aerial view of The Oval. From the 14th floor of Thompson Library, you can see the entire Oval.

12. Scarlet Skyway. The rose colored glass walkway attached to the RPAC can’t be missed.

13. The RPAC. The Recreation and Physical Activity Center is the largest rec center on a college campus.

14. Lincoln and Morrill Tower. The Towers are a West Campus staple.


15. Ohio Union. Inside or outside, this place is fondly referred to as the “living room of campus.”

16. Bronze Brutus. Some call it cliche, I call it part of the Buckeye experience. Get a picture of yourself alongside Bronze Brutus in the Union.

17. Mirror Lake. Once reconstruction on this famous lake is finished, show the world it is better than before with a beautiful picture.

18. Browning Amphitheater. This hidden gem beside Mirror Lake is historical  and looks fantastic when covered in snow.

19. Light Up the Lake. This wintery celebration around Mirror Lake is perfect for a candle-lit moment.

20. Ohio Stadium/The Shoe. Need I say more about game day at Ohio State? #NoFilter on a the sea of scarlet and grey.


21. The Rotunda. This feature outside of the Shoe is designed like the Roman Pantheon.


22. Men’s Basketball Game. Enter the NutHouse and feel the energy.

23. The Numbers Garden. These large numbers are too unique to ignore.

24. Page Hall. Daytime or night, don’t miss The Oval’s most recently-renovated building.

25. The Seal. Ohio State’s emblem/seal can be found throughout campus.


26. Orton Bell Tower. This historic and Hogwarts-style building is my personal favorite.

27. “Summer’s heat.” Follow the lyrics to our alma mater “Carmen, Ohio” and take an outdoor photo of friends enjoying the sunshine.

28. “Winter’s cold.” Make the most of winter with a snowy Instagram of your favorite building on campus.

29. Whispering Wall. At the eastern edge of the Oval, find this wonder(ful) wall.

30. BuckeyeThon. Share your team color and support for this moving dance marathon.


31. President Drake. Everyone loves a celebrity photo. Make it a goal to meet Dr. Drake (and Instagram it).

32. University Hall. Known as the “most photographed building on campus”, it’s the perfect nighttime Instagram.


33. Brutus Buckeye. Our beloved mascot…enough said.

34. O-H-I-O. Find three other Buckeyes, any of the suggestions above, and feel the Ohio State spirit.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I can only imagine the stories that will come from your first year in photos. Stay tuned for Mark’s post on Monday about 35 Adjectives to Describe Your First Year.

Until next time,


25 Tweets You May See Your Freshman Year

As an Ohio State student, I’ve found that social media is a great way to connect to the Buckeye community. Through sites such as Twitter, you can find out what is going on around campus, keep in touch with friends, take some awesome selfies, and share everything about your college experience. For the 25th day of orientation, I have shared with you 25 of my own tweets from 2012, my freshman year. I hope you enjoy!

8/20/12: Move-in Day! First stop: football tickets 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.47.40 AM

8/21/12: Having a great time at Community Commitment today! Thanks @PayItForwardOSU for introducing me to awesome new Buckeyes and community service in Columbus!

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.56.04 AM

8/22/12: First day of classes! Placing bets on the amount of time I’ll be scrambling around like a lost puppy today. Need to get that OSU Mobile app

8/27/12: After this semester I’m pretty positive I’ll be qualified to teach my new favorite class “the art of speed walking”

9/3/12: Freshman 15 here we come:

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 12.58.36 AM

10/19/12- Attention poor and/or hungry Ohio State upperclassmen: Please let me block you for any meal any day this semester #ExtraBlocks #FreshmanProbz

10/24/12: Flashback to 4:30 a.m. when I locked myself out of my room and had to go to the front desk complete with toothbrush in mouth wearing my SpongeBob pajama set

11/24/12: It truly doesn’t get better than being a Buckeye #BEATMICHIGAN

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.13.49 AM

11/25/12: If you are an Ohio State student with an Instagram there is a 94% chance you have uploaded a picture of football tickets, Mirror Lake, or The Shoe

12/3/12: Love our late night talks in room 4028, random roommate was one of the best decisions I ever made

12/5/12: Just waved to one of my math tutors at JO South, so now I’ll automatically ace my midterm today…Right..?

12/12/12: How long is it going to take for the boy across the table to realize that he’s actually playing footsie with me and not his gf to my right #libraryprobz

12/21/12: Can’t put into words how incredible my first Buck-I-Serv trip was. Missing everyone already. Thanks for the most amazing experience I could have asked for @BuckISERV #OperationBreakthrough

1/6/13: Couldn’t be happier being back home. I love my friends. I love Ohio State

1/18/13: It’s 18 degrees right now and I just considered that warm. Ohio weather what have you done to me?

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 1.32.53 AM


2/8/13: SO happy to have participated in Buckeyethon! Proud of everyone who danced tonight and raised a total of $608,623.29!! #BTFTK

2/14/13: MAROON 5 IS SO AMAZING OMG FREAKING OUT IN LOVE OBSESSED. Shout out to D-Tix for the free tickets 🙂 @ohiounion

3/25/13: Officially declared a professional writing minor!!


4/3/13: Exactly one year ago I decided I was going to attend Ohio State. Honestly can’t imagine going anywhere else, way too sentimental but I LOVE MY SCHOOL

4/15/13: There are few things more frustrating than Bob Gribben informing you “your password is not unique enough”

4/25/13: Please raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by a statistics exam

4/27/13: I know life rocks when I intensely click through all 56 of someone’s prof pics only to discover they were sitting at the table behind me the entire time. Never Facebook stalking at the library again…

4/29/13: Officially completed my freshman year of college! So blessed to have met so many incredible people, OSU I LOVE YOU

Stay tuned for July 9, when Dan will write about The 27 Items You Will Want to Bring Freshman Year!

18 Things You Can Only Experience at Ohio State

Ohio State is a very special place. Here are just some of the things you can do to take advantage of its many incredible opportunites!

1. Learn to love our alma mater. At Ohio State we sing “Carmen Ohio” at the end of athletic events and student organization meetings–and of course at graduation. Get a head start and learn Carmen here!


2. Enjoy the rivalry. Welcome to the winning side of the intense rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan! Go Bucks!


3. Run along the Olentangy Trail. While campus offers state-of-the-art recreational centers, pounding the pavement on the Olentangy Trail can be a nice change of pace in favorable weather. Grab a friend, stay in shape and explore this little piece of nature in an urban setting!


4. Attend an Ohio State football game.
The Ohio Stadium, AKA The Shoe, is a registered historic landmark built in 1922. Today it seats over 100,000 people! Be sure to check out the beautiful rotunda on the way to your first game!

unnamed (1)

5. Play with puppies on the Oval! Many upperclassmen at Ohio State bring their pets to the Oval. Why not stop by and pet a puppy between classes?


6. Visit the rooftop garden of Knowlton Hall. Simply discover its beauty!


7. Take a chocolate science class. To earn one elective credit hour and learn a whole lot about chocolate, enroll in Food Science and Technology 1110.


8. Stroll around campus and notice the amazing variety of architectural styles. From the modernity of the RPAC to the Richardsonian Romanesque style of Orton Hall, there is something for everyone to enjoy on campus.


9. Gather a group of friends and request a tour of the Byrd Polar Research Center. This center collects, maintains and studies ice cores from glaciers. It is one of the leading centers for this type of research in the world!


10. Schedule a visit to the Center for Automotive Research. Here you can learn about one of Ohio State’s research initiatives and visit the Buckeye Bullet, one of the fastest race cars in the world, built entirely by Ohio State students!


11. Head to the 11th floor of Thompson Library. Here you can enjoy stunning views of campus and downtown Columbus.


12. Take in the beauty of the “Winged Victory” sculpture in Thompson Library. The original stands in the Louvre in Paris, but Ohio State has its own replica right here on campus!


13. Go on a Buck-I-SERV trip. While many schools offer alternative break programs, not many are as impressive as the Buck-I-Serv program here at Ohio State. Indulge your wanderlust and help others by applying to one of the many service programs!


14. Get a smoothie at the RPAC! RPAC smoothies are absolutely incredible. Just trust me on this one.


15. Head to the Outdoor Adventure Center (ARC) and climb the 35-foot-tall rock climbing wall! Admission is already included in your student fees. You just need your student ID! Leave your fear of heights at home!

giphy (1)

16. Take the COTA bus to a fancy dinner in the Short North, a trendy neighborhood just south of campus. COTA bus transportation is also included in your fees for the semester — take advantage of it!


17. Take a stroll down the Long Walk of the Oval. If you walk hand in hand with your significant other while the Orton bells are ringing and no one crosses your path, your love is said to last forever!


18. AND FINALLY: Experience the feeling that comes with being a Buckeye! Whether you have already felt it or not, I believe there comes a time in every Buckeye’s life when that person appreciates what it means to be a student at the Ohio State University. For you, that moment may come at orientation or it may come a bit later. But at some point, you will realize you are a Buckeye for life.


So beautiful.

Be sure to catch the next blog post from Cody explaining the 19 Most Important Acronyms at Ohio State!

13 Myths and Traditions of Ohio State

Ohio State is home to many traditions, stories and myths. In this post (coinciding with the 13th day of orientation), I will share a bit of this “Buckeye Spirit” as I explain 13 of my favorite Ohio State myths and traditions!

1. The Hopkins handpaint

Hopkins Hall is home to one of my favorite ghost stories. According to the story, a girl was stuck in an elevator and while struggling to get out she left her handprints all over the elevator doors. Although they say she safely made it out, on the left side of the building you can supposedly see her handprint, a symbol of her struggle inside. Legend has it that no matter how many times someone tries to remove this print it always reemerges.

2. Oval Beach

The Oval (known by many as “Oval beach”), the grassy field on central campus, is a great place to socialize and relax when the weather is favorable. Make sure you have a beach towel ready for those warm days of spring when this local paradise comes to life with activity.


3. Mirror Lake tug of war

Historically, Ohio State’s freshman and sophomore classes had a tug of war competition stretching over Mirror Lake every year. (One may assume the losers had wished that had brought a change of clothes!) Today however, students no longer partake in this tradition.

 4. Welcome Week concert

Before classes start in the fall, the Ohio Union Activities Board organizes a concert. During the past two years, big-name artists such as Krewella, Lady Antebellum, One Republic, 2 Chainz and Big Sean have preformed. In my opinion, the best part about this concert is that you do not have to purchase the tickets, as a student you simply just show up!


 5. Love stories

Ohio State has many traditions rooted in love. Some include a classic first date at Mirror Lake, a marriage proposal through the Hayes Hall whispering arch or going down the Oval long walk with your partner (granted, legend has it that no one can cross your path and the bells of Orton Tower must be ringing in order for “your love to last forever”). Whatever the circumstances, chances are you can find opportunities for romance here at Ohio State!

6. Light up the Lake

Before the holiday season starts in the fall, Ohio Staters Inc. decorates the trees of Mirror Lake with beautiful holiday lights. Before you graduate, be sure to grab your friends and attend this incredible event.

 7. Afro Duck

The myth, the legend, the duck. Ohio State’s Afro Duck has become a campus celebrity. Some hypothesize that Afro Duck has a tumor, while others claim that its afro is a symbol marking his “alpha” status among his fellow ducks. The truth is though that Afro Duck is part of the crested mallard species. Make sure to follow him on twitter @OSUafroduck to stay up to date on his tweets!



8. Pomerene pool

Despite the common misconception, Pomerene Hall no longer has an indoor pool. Once known as the “Women’s Union,” Pomerene Hall was reserved for Ohio State’s female students and included a gymnasium, lounge and pool.

9. Beat *ichigan Week

During the week leading up the The Game, students rally together and create various events to show school spirit. For example, students use red tape to cross out all of the letter Ms on campus buildings and signs in order to contest our rival, That Team Up North.

10. Ohio State only cares for football

False! Although many students rally behind their football team, Ohio State is not just its football team. The university is full of opportunities for excitement, regardless of whether you care for sports or football! Use our climbing wall, experience downtown Columbus, visit the cartoon museum or see the giant sloth skeleton in Orton Hall to find your own avenue of excitement!

11. We love the word Ohio

We don’t care if it’s Script Ohio on the field, singing “Carmen Ohio” throughout the year or taking an O-H-I-O picture with your newest friends, we love any excuse to say Ohio. Eventually, when you hear someone call, “O-H!” you may find it second nature to holler back, “I-O!”


12. Orton bell tower

Want a different view of Orton Hall? Ohio Staters Inc. can actually take you to see inside the bell tower. Just register your group through their website and they’ll make arrangements to take you to the top!

13. Buckeyes are only in Ohio

This is a myth! It turns out that Ohio State has one of the largest alumni networks in the country. This becomes apparent when you travel out of state. For many international travelers wearing Buckeye gear, out of nowhere random people have noticed their attire and responded to “the silent call of Buckeye love” by signaling O-H with their arms.

For me, it is the greatest feeling in the world to know that the Ohio State family stretches across the world and that I am never far from my Buckeye family.

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Turning the Corner: Ohio State Football and Sportsmanship

For me, the lasting image of Ohio State’s 2013 football season wasn’t the two disappointing defeats to end the season. No, it was when offensive lineman Marcus Hall decided to flip an obscene gesture to the Michigan crowd after being ejected following his role in an on field altercation in which he threw a punch at a Michigan player. While Hall has graduated, by the time Michigan week comes around you can bet ESPN and all the other sporting media outlets will run the video from the fight to the finger flip.

I understand Hall just had momentary lapse of judgment; it was THE rivalry game, he had just been ejected, and you can be sure the Michigan fans weren’t yelling, “good game!” to him as he went through the tunnel. But, as a representative of the university he can’t have that lapse in judgment.

The athletic department and coaching staff need to stress to players (and coaches and fans for that matter) the value of keeping composure. I think a fact that gets lost in the shuffle of the double middle finger salute is the fact that Hall was ejected for being in a fight during a game. He wasn’t walking to the training room for a tape job; he was forced to leave the field of play. Don’t let sportsmanship become a lost art of the game; since when has beating an opponent not been enough that you have to try and show them up? I know the Michigan game was an isolated incident, but every college football team has a rival and the game gets emotional. Without stats in front of me I would guess 99 percent of all college football games didn’t have a fight or ejection, and especially with the increased media attention on Ohio State football the program cannot let another mistake like this happen.

Go out, play your hardest, do everything within the rules you can to win the game. And then at the end — win or lose — walk out of the stadium. As an athlete (and fan) you want to destroy your opponent on the scoreboard, but that doesn’t mean you get to disrespect them.

With the start of the new season at the Spring game this Saturday, let’s hope Ohio State has another year of great success on the field, and that the only story the media has to report is about what happens on the field. The lasting impression from a season should never be an individual’s reckless decision; it should be the collective effort put forth by the team that reflects on the successes of the team as a whole.