Troyan, Francis John (PI) and Bengochea, Alain (co-PI) “Investigating Ideologies and Responsive Practices in Language Immersion Education for Emergent Bilinguals,” Sponsored by The Ohio State University College of Education and Human Ecology Office of Research SEED Grant, Private, $19,997 (December, 2014—December, 2015).

Katz, Laurie J. (PI), Gort, Mileidis (co-PI), Konrad, Moira R. (co-PI), Cannella-Malone, Helen I. (co-PI), Graham-Day, Kristall J. (Core Faculty), and Troyan, Francis John (Core Faculty).  “Project REMODEL: Restructuring to meet the needs of Ohio’s diverse exceptional learners,” Funded by the Ohio Deans’ Compact—University of Dayton, Public, $249,806. (December 6, 2013—June 30, 2015).

Troyan, Francis John (Co-Principal Investigator with Kristin J. Davin, Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago), “Teacher Candidates’ Implementation of High-Leverage Teaching Practices: From the University Classroom to the Field Site,” Sponsored by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Phase II Research Priorities Grant, Private, $1,500. (August, 2013—July, 2014).

Troyan, Francis John (Principal Investigator), “Research Priorities Grant,” Sponsored by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Private, $500.00. (November, 2010—July, 2011).

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