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Long-term financial planning at the University forms an important foundation for our academic, physical and financial growth. Our goal of achieving eminence through our students,faculty, discovery themes and becoming a top ten University will require a significant financial investment. At the same time, we are firmly committed to providing affordable access to our students.
Within The Office of Financial Services, Debt Management is responsible for the coordination of the issuance of bonds, notes and master leases. Debt Management is responsible for the receipt and disbursement of borrowed funds, compliance with regulations, and the accounting for the University’s tax-exempt and taxable debt. Payment of principal, interest and bond expenses are made by this area.
Maintaining the University’s favorable debt rating and continuing to project a stable financial outlook will be critical to strengthening our financial position. Our continued success as a large, research-intensive university with an academic medical center and healthy operating performance will be an important factor. Under the direction of our University’s strong leadership team, we will continue to keep the focus on moving forward to achieve the University’s core goals and strategic vision.
Internal and external factors have created resource restraints that continue to challenge us to identify alternative funding sources that will enable our pursuit toward excellence. Going forward this will require that we continue operating more efficiently and remain focused on strategic goals while avoiding the danger of diverting resources to non-essential initiatives. The continued commitment to innovative financial change in a thoughtful, strategic manner is an integral part of all future university planning.


Debt Rating


Rating Agency Special Purpose General Receipts Short Term Rating Long Term Rating
Moody’s Aa2 VMIG-1 Aa1
Standard and Poor’s AA- A-1+ AA
Fitch N/A F-1+ AA


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