Internal Bank

The Office of Financial Services (OFS) manages cash, investments and debt for all the departments within the institution. In performing these functions, OFS serves as a “bank” to university departments- taking deposits, issuing debt, investing operating funds and distributing loans. The internal bank concept is a framework for coordinating these activities and providing a consolidated view of the associated assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses.

Borrowing Guidelines

Capital Loan and LOC Financing Policies

Term Sheet

Master Leases

To request Internal Bank financing, please complete the online request form which can be accessed by clicking the Internal Bank Request Form link.
Internal Bank Request Form
Once completed, the form should be printed off, signed by the appropriate individuals from your area and emailed to as a scanned attachment. Once received, the request will be reviewed by the Internal Bank Executive Committee. You may be contacted by someone from the Office of Financial Services if additional information is required. The Internal Bank Executive Committee is responsible for making recommendation to the Senior Vice President for Business and Finance regarding requests for Internal Bank Financing. You will be notified by the Office of Financial Services once a decision has been made.