Paper Check Guidelines

Definitions of Acceptable Checks with Proper Identification
The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) section three and four designate the following
cash equivalents as checks and they are to be processed as any other check.
 Cashier’s Check – A check purchased at a bank for any amount; the bank completes all information on the face of the check with a bank officer signing as the maker.
Certified Check – A personal check guaranteed by the bank; the check is stamped “certified” and signed by a bank officer.
Money Order – An item purchased at a bank, post office, or other business establishment for any amount up to and including $200. The bank completes only the amount information.
Traveler’s Check – A special check supplied by banks or other companies for the use of travelers; these checks already bear the purchaser’s signature and must be countersigned in the cashier’s presence.
Personal Check – A written order payable on demand, drawn on a bank by a depositor; a personal check is written against an individual’s funds as opposed to a cashier’s check, certified check, money order, or traveler’s check, all of which are written against bank funds.
NOTE: Personal checks are accepted for purchase of good or services. Cashing of personal checks is prohibited.

Brutus Buckeye Check

Definitions of Unacceptable Checks
Counter Check – A non-personalized, non-encoded check that is available at most banks.
Starter Check – A non-personalized check that a person receives from a bank when they establish a new checking account. These are for the person’s use prior to receiving encoded checks from the bank.
Third Party Check – A check made payable to a person or organization other than the one accepting or cashing the check (for example, a paycheck).
Foreign Check (unless there are exceptional circumstances) – A check written on a foreign bank (e.g., a Canadian bank) not specifically prepared as U.S. currency. Contact the Office of Financial Services if a foreign check is received. If a foreign check is accepted, complete a Foreign Check Transmittal Form and contact the Office of Financial Services, Bank Reconciliations at 292-4822 for instructions.

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