Financial Responsibilities

Attending The Ohio State University creates a financial obligation. We feel it is important that students understand and acknowledge the financial responsibilities associated with attendance.The Financial Responsibility Statement outlines the terms and conditions of the financial responsibilities and obligations associated with attending The Ohio State University.
Because certain eligibility is required and must be maintained in order to have the cost of attending Ohio State covered by other means, students who have their cost of attendance paid by graduate fee authorizations, appointments, sponsorship, scholarships, or other third-parties are ultimately financially responsible for these costs. As such, all students must agree to the Financial Responsibility Statement each term for which they are enrolled.Students who do not complete the Financial Responsibility Statement prior to registering each term will have a Registration Lock Hold placed on their account, preventing them from registering, adding course, or moving off of a wait-list. Once the statement is completed for the term, the hold is removed.
For instructions on how to complete the Financial Responsibility Statement click here.
Financial Responsibility Terms & Conditions.

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