College Saving Plans (529)

Please provide your College Savings account administrator with the following mailing address:
Office of the University Bursar – 529 Plan
The Ohio State University
PO Box 183248
Columbus, OH 43218-3248
Each item should include the student’s name and OSU ID number.
We recommend contacting your College Savings account administrator to begin the withdrawal process at least 4-6 weeks before the fee payment deadline to ensure that the funds are received by our deadline date.
As of June 2011, The Ohio State University no longer invoices for all 529 plans including the following:

• Florida Prepaid
• Michigan Education Trust
• Alabama Prepaid
• College of Illinois
• Commonwealth of Virginia
• Kentucky Affordable Prepaid
• Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan

Your 529 educational savings plan provider will accept a copy of your Statement of Account when you submit your request. All you need is to do is log into My Buckeye Link.   Select the appropriate Term and click the Statement of Account link in the Finances frame of your personalized My Buckeye Link page.

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