Ticks in Ohio

American dog ticks, blacklegged ticks, and lone star ticks can all pose a threat to humans.  People who enjoy the outdoors should take time to learn about Ohio’s tick species and how to protect yourself.  If you believe the tick is a lone star or blacklegged tick, or if you are unable to identify the tick, you may send the tick to your local health department for identification or by contacting your local extension office.

To have the tick identified, it should be saved in a hard container such as an empty pill bottle. If alive, place a few blades of grass in the container with the tick. If dead, please place tick in a leak proof container with some hand sanitizer or alcohol to preserve tick. The container should be mailed as soon as possible. Be sure to include the following contact information: name, address and phone number; date tick was collected; Ohio county where it was collected, and indicate whether or not the tick was attached to a person or animal.
Tick Identification