Welcome to the Society for Women in Physics at Ohio State!


The purpose of the SWiP is to promote involvement of, career development for, and sense of community among the women and other underrepresented groups in the Ohio State University Department of Physics, and to increase awareness of the diversity issues in physics among the members of the physics community at the Ohio State University.

In line with our statement of purpose above, we will:

  1. Develop activities and events, such as colloquia and workshops, to promote career and personal development for the SWiP members and other women within the physics community.
  2. Hold physics-related activities and events to promote a sense of community among our own members as well as an increased awareness of the issues related to women in physics among members of the physics community.


This past year we have transitioned to a council structure to distribute the work more evenly among SWiP members. The current academic year’s council members are (Summer 2017- Spring 2018):

Graduate students: Amber Byrum, Seth Kurfman, Keith McBride, Blythe Moreland, Carola Purser, Bryan Reynolds, Rebekah Smith, Sri Suresh, Jorge Torres Espinosa
Faculty adviser: Dr. Annika Peter
Administrative support: Rachel Page