Working Papers


“Did Capital Requirements and Fair Value Accounting Spark Fire Sales in Distressed Mortgage-Backed Securities?” with Craig Merrill B. Merrill, Taylor D Nadauld, and Shane M. Sherlund.

“Are Firms in ‘Boring’ Industries Worth Less?” with Jia Chen and Kewei Hou.

“How Important was Contagion Through Banks During The European Sovereign Crises” with Andrea Beltratti.

“Why Have the Returns to Acquisitions Become More Positive?” with Sara B. Moeller and Frederik P. Schlingemann.

“Why Does Capital no Longer Flow More to the Industries with the Best Growth Opportunities?” with Dong Lee and Han Shin.

“Has the Bond Market Really Become Less Liquid?” with Mike Anderson.

“Does the Stock Market Make Firms More Productive?” with Ben Bennett and Zexi Wang.

“Why Does Idiosyncratic Risk Increase with Market Risk?” with Söhnke M. Bartram and Gregory Brown.

“Why Are Firms with More Managerial Ownership Worth Less?” with Kornelia Fabisik, Rüdiger Fahlenbrach, and Jérôme Taillard.