Guest Post: Recruiting Your Students Interested in Student Affairs!


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October is Student Affairs month and with the turning of the leaves, we too are turning a new leaf and introducing the Students Interested in Student Affairs (SISA) group at The Ohio State University.

  • What is SISA?

SISA is a new group for undergraduate students interested in student affairs that works with the Office of the Vice President for Student Life’s Grad Pad. This cohort of students meets on a monthly basis with graduate student and professional mentors to help demystify the graduate school application process. Undergraduate students work to complete monthly specific tasks that will best prepare them for graduate school and attend events to identify career paths in student affairs.

  • SISA needs your help.

We know you work with smart and talented students who are interested in student affairs and we want to work with them too. If you have a student who wants to explore this profession more, forward them this page or send us their contact information to The Student Life Grad Pad at We are eager to meet them!

  • SISA’s ultimate goal.

We want to provide more students with a clear path and plan to apply for graduate schools in higher education and student affairs.  Preparing for graduate school is stressful, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Let us help. To learn more about our program, click here and read about us on the SISA web page.

Thank you for working with us to create the extraordinary experience for our future Student Life colleagues.


The Student Life Grad Pad

The Interviewing Top Three


Did you know that SLHR recently added updated interview resources for supervisors when hiring student employees? It’s true! Before conducting your next interview, be sure to check out these documents on

  • Interview Form: customizable tool that can be used when interviewing and evaluating student employment candidates.
  • Guide to Interviewing: provides best practices for structuring and documenting a student interview, as well as legal considerations.

In the spirit of these added resources, the Student Employment Experience presents, “The Top 3 Reasons to Conduct Quality Interviews for Student Employees” – because who has time for ten reasons?

Select the Best Candidate for the Position.

Alright, so this one is a given, but definitely worth stating. 1Putting time and effort into interviewing can help ensure you hire a qualified, engaged student employee who will stick around for more than a couple shifts.


Provide a Valuable Learning Opportunity for Students.

 2Navigating the interview process is a life skill that we aren’t born knowing how to do. For many students, this could be their first interview experience. Leading students through an interview process helps them learn and develop job search skills they will use for life!


Set the Right Tone.

3An interview is usually the first face-to-face interaction between a candidate and their supervisor. I remember one of my first interviews went something like this:

                          Supervisor: What’s your major?

Me: Pharmaceutical Sciences

Supervisor: Geeze! Sounds smart! What makes you want to work here?

Me: Well, I need some money and I’m not really sure what I’m doing with my life.

Supervisor: Huh. Well honestly me neither. When can you start?!

Now don’t get me wrong – I think friendly, casual conversation can set a welcoming tone during an interview, but there needs to be some substance as well. As a student, I didn’t walk away from that interview feeling that the job was important. Setting a welcoming, professional tone through providing real interviews can let the student know you view the job as more than trivial work.

Conducting quality interviews is a win-win and a valuable learning opportunity for students. Have any advice or best practices for interviewing students? Share your ideas in the comments below!

For more hiring resources, visit the SLHR website.

To see interviewing resources for students, check out Buckeye OnPACE.

Buckeye Careers Network

This week’s blog post comes to us from Megan Miller, Resource Developer and Systems Manager with Student Life’s Buckeye Careers. Megan has outlined the tools available through Buckeye Careers Network to help supervisors find and hire student employees.


“I have several Student Assistant positions I’d like to fill, but how can students find them? My department name isn’t one students will know to search for.”

I wish I had a way to collect applications from students in one place – and not my inbox!”

So many students apply for my positions, responding to all of them can be time-intensive. I tend to only contact ones I’m interested in interviewing.”

Any of these sound familiar? As a student employee supervisor, some of you may have difficulty filling positions, while others are overwhelmed sorting through applications. Still others may find that students are unsure where to find on-campus employment.

The Office of Student Life has streamlined the process to post student employment positions by incorporating them into the Buckeye Careers Network (BCN). BCN is a university-wide position posting system that connects Ohio State students with employers for:

  • Part-time/ on-campus work
  • Experiential learning opportunities (internships and co-ops)
  • Full-time career employment

BCN is part of the Buckeye Careers program, a unit in Student Life that works collaboratively across college career services and various academic and administrative offices to build relationships with employers to encourage the recruitment of Ohio State students for experiential learning and employment opportunities.

BCN collects these opportunities in one place, making it easy for students to find a variety of opportunities. Because student employment builds transferable work skills and grows a student’s professional network, sharing these opportunities in BCN connects the student job they have now to post-graduation plans including full-time employment, graduate school, or volunteering.


How can I post a position in Buckeye Careers Network?

  1. Go to and click on the link for “Student Life Departments.”
  2. Click on “Register and Post a Position to Buckeye Careers Network” to create a new account. For returning users, log-in using your existing credentials.

For new users, at the time of registration, you can post one position. BCN staff will review and approve your registration request and position, which will generate an email to you with a username and password. Use that to log-in going forward to add additional positions.


How do students apply for my positions?

An “application” to your position in BCN means the student has submitted a résumé for your review. You can select from three options to receive résumés from students:

  1. Email to an address of your choosing each time a person applies
  2. Collect in the system until you log-in to review
  3. Direct students to use another method of your choosing (stop by your office, call, download an application from your website, etc.)


What are the benefits of having résumés collect in the system?

  1. Your inbox doesn’t get clogged!
  2. You can download all the résumés into a single PDF file, which is then searchable by keyword. This is helpful if you are looking for a specific skill or academic criteria.
  3. You can send a batch email to all applicants regarding their status. Students appreciate knowing where they stand in the hiring process.


Since the system is password-protected for students, how can they find my position?

Students must log-in to Buckeye Careers Network in order to see your posting. There is no external link to view the information. Use the template text below when sharing your position with potential applicants.

This position is posted online in Buckeye Careers Network. On this page, scroll down to find your college of enrollment and select the “Current Student Access” link underneath that heading. Then log-in using your name.# to search for position XXXXXXX (insert the position ID here).

For more information about recruiting student employees using Buckeye Careers Network, please email Megan Miller.