Guest Post: Recruiting Your Students Interested in Student Affairs!


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October is Student Affairs month and with the turning of the leaves, we too are turning a new leaf and introducing the Students Interested in Student Affairs (SISA) group at The Ohio State University.

  • What is SISA?

SISA is a new group for undergraduate students interested in student affairs that works with the Office of the Vice President for Student Life’s Grad Pad. This cohort of students meets on a monthly basis with graduate student and professional mentors to help demystify the graduate school application process. Undergraduate students work to complete monthly specific tasks that will best prepare them for graduate school and attend events to identify career paths in student affairs.

  • SISA needs your help.

We know you work with smart and talented students who are interested in student affairs and we want to work with them too. If you have a student who wants to explore this profession more, forward them this page or send us their contact information to The Student Life Grad Pad at We are eager to meet them!

  • SISA’s ultimate goal.

We want to provide more students with a clear path and plan to apply for graduate schools in higher education and student affairs.  Preparing for graduate school is stressful, but it shouldn’t be overwhelming. Let us help. To learn more about our program, click here and read about us on the SISA web page.

Thank you for working with us to create the extraordinary experience for our future Student Life colleagues.


The Student Life Grad Pad

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  1. It is a good initiative which has been taken by sisa specially for undergraduates, and I hope it must be really helpful as well

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