Green Light.

Green Light

Students are back and the campus is in full swing. Many of you are in the midst of your busiest time of the year while others are feeling like they can finally catch their breath. Move in last week, the involvement fair on Sunday, and the campus job fair coming up tomorrow – Wow!

I know you’re busy so this blog will be short and sweet. We had 15 units begin the Student Employment Experience last year, and 18 more units are coming on board starting … now. With a new year of student employee learning, GROW conversations, and training workshops coming up – I need your help!

  • Megaphone (1)For all you phase one returners out there: Is there any advice you might have for your fellow supervisors just beginning SEE this year? What went well? Anything you plan to do differently this year?
  • For supervisors just joining SEE this year: What questions do you have about the process? What are you hoping your students will get out of this year? Anything you’d like to hear about from supervisors who participated last year?

Post your responses below and we can learn from one another! To add some incentive to posting – besides the obvious intrinsic desire to be a contributing partner in the online learning process – the first five supervisors to post (a relevant answer) below will get a Sloopy’s chocolate chip cookie delivered to their workplace! #notabovethat #respondquickly

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