The Student Employment Experience (SEE)

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What is the Student Employment Experience?

In short, the Student Employment Experience is made up of three parts.

  1. The most important component is the student’s employment role. Across Ohio State, we employ over 15,000 students working in many diverse lines of business. And all throughout OSU we have incredible supervisors, each content experts in their field, and each invested in the personal and professional development of their students. These jobs, and their supervisors, provide students with real-world learning opportunities every day.
  2. The second component of SEE is the OSU GROW* (Guided Reflection on Work) conversation. These short conversations are led by supervisors to help students reflect on their learning and make connections between work, school, and career aspirations.
  3. Lastly, students in SEE get an opportunity each semester to attend a professional development training workshop. These three components makeup the Student Employment Experience.

   * GROW is used with permission from © University of Iowa

What are the Goals of SEE?Goals2

  1. Lead student employees to reflect on what they are learning through their employment role
  2. Guide students to connect that learning from work to class and future careers
  3. Support supervisors of students to incorporate learning into all aspects of a student employee’s experience (from hiring to exit)


Questions about SEE?

Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

6 thoughts on “The Student Employment Experience (SEE)

  1. It is a great way to sit down with your students and see how they feel about the job. I found it pleasant and refreshing that they are learning useful traits at their student positions, they can take with them after school for their professional careers. Thank You!

  2. I get so much enjoyment out of this program! Seeing our Student Managers take the lead and initiate the discussions is rewarding to see and the answers that we get from our students are enlightening! I hope this program continues, and Caleb is the perfect person to be it’s leader!

  3. This student employee is gaining hands on experience in the field of his engineering studies. In conversation with him he is enjoying the opportunity to work in this position.

  4. It was awesome to hear them speak about things that they had learned and are learning through their employment and how these would be useful to them in the future as well as in the present.

  5. This was a good exercise to sit down with my student workers and get their perspective and feedback on their work. I really enjoyed the conversations.

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