Reflection (Internship)

STEP Reflection Prompts


Name: Taylor Marsilio


Type of Project: Internship (CoOp with Honda of America Manufacturing)

  1. My STEP Signature Project entailed an introduction to project management while working in the new model development department. I worked at the East Liberty Manufacturing Plant as part of the quality control team that worked as a liaison between the manufacturing and design of the vehicle. The new model vehicles were tested through the department I worked in and I had the opportunity to conducting thermo cycle testing and testing at the TRC (transportation research center).


  1. At Honda, I grew to appreciate a different culture than what I was used to. I found that I was seen as mature for my age and going into this internship I did not realize the great diversity that and teamwork that is brought together at work. I assumed that being an engineer was vastly different than what I experienced but it overall was a great learning experience.


Not so much a change but definitely a refinement of my time management and work ethic took place over the term.  As I went throughout my day, I constantly was reevaluating how I spent my time and prioritizing the important tasks. As an intern, I was given multiple tasks and I was fortunate enough to learn how to manage these projects effectively so that each one was completed successfully.


  1. I was fortunate enough to establish many professional relationships with my coworkers while at Honda. What ultimately lead to me growing and learning everyday was my interaction with my mentor and boss.


My mentor Adam Aossey graduated from The Ohio State University with a Mechanical Engineering degree and provided valuable guidance and shaped my experience over my term at Honda. Whenever I had a question about what to do next or the correct process of completing a task, Adam was always more than helpful despite having a tremendous workload at Honda.


I interacted with Aaron Moore a fair amount over the course of my term as well and I feel I greatly benefited in every interaction. I tried to model how he interacted with the team and how he managed the engineers who worked for him. His time management skills were something I tried to learn more about every day because of how calm and collected he was on a daily basis.


  1. This change is very significant in my life as I am sure it will open many future opportunities. This experience definitely helped me refine my leadership abilities and grow as a confident leader as a project manager. Academically, I was able to see how engineering is used in the real world and how engineers that followed the same path that I am taking are working in industry. This experience will help me advance in my career as well as grow as a confident leader as I pursue future interests.