Spring Internship with Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Internship – Delta Air Lines

  1. I was an Intern in the Flight Operations division of Delta Air Lines, Inc. The position was designed for future pilots to be exposed to the world of airline flying. I worked closely with three other interns and we were assigned many administrative and operational tasks. These tasks included: vetting charter packets, contacting pilots for tablet support, and assisting with any meetings in the office. We were also fortunate enough to travel to career fairs and Prague for business meetings.
  2. Interning with Delta Air Lines was an amazing experience. I feel as if I have an upper hand when it comes to navigating life at an airline. I did not know how an airline manages delays, lost bags, and effectively deploys over 80,000 employees throughout the world. The experience gave me more confidence in my abilities as a pilot and as an employee in general. I learned that I was one of four selected out of 330 applicants so I was happy that Delta chose to invest in me and wanted me to be a part of their family. I say family because I also realized that companies that treat their employees well are the ones that we should gravitate to. Everyone I encountered was excited about the job and even if they were stressed, they knew their hard work was going towards helping the people flying on our airplanes. I also learned that I have been well prepared for the “real-world” by Ohio State. The coursework and rigor has made it an easy transition. The problems presented in class did not mirror those at the actual airline, but I knew how to start problem solving.
  3. Multiple events shaped the positive experience that I had at Delta Air Lines, but three events in particular had a profound impact on me personally. The first event was actually back on campus at Ohio State. The Center for Aviation Studies was having an Industry Night and Delta was invited to set up a booth so I volunteered to come. I also pitched the idea of hosting a Resume Workshop to my boss and she was thrilled with the idea. She even allowed us to stay and extra night to complete the workshop. In the debrief she commented that I did well, but I need to have more confidence in what I was saying and that she knew I had great information to offer the students so I should say it confidently. I never thought I had a problem public speaking so I was shocked to hear her critique. After I thought about it, I took to practicing so that I could improve. I liked that my bosses cared about me and wanted to help with my own personal development.
    1. The other two experiences that changed my self-image were the trips to California and the Czech Republic. Working for an airline has its perks, the first being that we can fly on almost any Delta flight if there are empty seats. The trip to California involved flying to Detroit to catch a 747 ferrying to pick up troops going to the Middle East. When we asked to tag along (not to the Middle East) our bosses were very supportive and told us to use good judgement. The same occurred when we asked to observe at a business meeting in Prague, Czech Republic. They were very supportive and wanted to expose us to every opportunity possible. It was not until our last day that we learned they trusted our group of interns more than any of the recent groups. We were the only ones that they trusted to go on such extravagant trips and represent the company in a positive manner. This was exemplified by the crystal medals that we received at the end of the internship that were only given out to about 10 interns. My confidence was definitely boosted by the experience and I was happy to call Delta “home.”
  4. A significant change and transformation that has occurred as a result of my internship in my life is that I now require little direction and guidance in getting things done. I always considered myself a “go-getter” before, but in the internship there was not time to ask a bunch of questions of those giving the projects. I was forced to use my resources to the fullest, whether it was pulling old databases or scrubbing the work of old interns. I think this trait is very beneficial because now I can translate these skills to my work in student organizations and clubs.IMG_7415IMG_7394