The Center for Latin American Studies and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at The Ohio State University announce this year’s intensive Summer Seminars Abroad, a 17-day workshop in Spanish linguistics in Montevideo, Uruguay. The purpose of the program is to provide participants with an opportunity to analyze and practice the Spanish language in a natural linguistic and cultural context, and to receive graduate university credit for that experience.

The program, to take place July 9-25, 2019, is intended primarily for Spanish teachers. Application is open, however, to graduate students from Spanish and other disciplines who have a demonstrated ability in the use of the Spanish language and a need for this type of course. Both native and non-native speakers of Spanish are invited to apply.

The Summer Seminars Abroad for Spanish Teachers (SSAST) have been offered annually since 1991, moving to a different site every two years as a way of presenting as many faces as possible of the Spanish-speaking world to educators and students of Spanish. The move to Uruguay in 2019 further enhances the already diverse ethnolinguistic and dialectological profile of program venues. Previous locations have included Cuernavaca, Mexico (1991 and 1992); Quito, Ecuador (1993 and 1994); San José, Costa Rica (1995 and 1996); Valencia, Spain (1997 and 1998); Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic (1999 and 2000); Santiago, Chile (2001 and 2002); Asunción, Paraguay (2003 and 2004); Antigua, Guatemala (2005 and 2006); Cochabamba, Bolivia (2007 and 2008); Granada, Nicaragua (2009 and 2010); Córdoba, Argentina (2011 and 2012); Lima, Peru (2013 and 2014); Barranquilla, Colombia (2015 and 2016); and Havana, Cuba (2017 and 2018).

Indigenous language instruction was added as an option in 2003 and has included courses in Guaraní, Kaqchikel, Quechua, and Miskito. No indigenous language will be offered in 2019.


The instructors of the Spanish linguistics courses in 2019 will be Terrell A. Morgan, Ph.D., Professor of Hispanic Linguistics at The Ohio State University, and Patricia V. Lunn, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of Hispanic Linguistics at Michigan State University.


The location of this year’s program is Montevideo, Uruguay.

Our hosts in Montevideo will be Academia Uruguay in Ciudad Vieja.