Tree Volvariella

Image shot two days ago.

Image shot two days ago.

Image shot yesterday late afternoon.

Image shot yesterday late afternoon.


I found this uncommon but widespread edible mushroom growing from the base of a maple tree.

Pholiota spp. in Clintonville

image1 (1)


I was driving to Whetstone Park of Roses yesterday evening when I spotted this cluster of freshly developed Pholiota spp. fruit bodies.  After some hunting online and in some guides, I believe these likely to be the Pholiota aurivella.  According to, these could be P. limonella.  The identifying trait appears to be their difference in spore size.

Tree Ear Fungus


Found today in Glen Echo ParkAuricularia auricula-judae.

Ben’s paper asks if ancient human metallurgy left its signature in bacterial genomes


Evolution of a heavy metal homeostasis/resistance island reflects increasing copper stress in Enterobacteria