ENGLISH 2367.05: The U.S. Folk Experience


Class Number:
Campus: Columbus
Instructor: Martha Sims, Rachel Hopkin
Terms offered: Spring


oncepts of American folklore & ethnography; folk groups, tradition, & fieldwork methodology; how these contribute to the development of critical reading, writing, & thinking skills. Only one 2367 (367) decimal subdivision may be taken for credit.
Prereq: 1110.01 (110.01) or equiv, and Soph standing; or EM credit for 1110.01 (110.01) or equiv; or a declared major in English. Not open to students with credit for 2367.01 (367.01), 210, 267, 267H, 301, 303, or equiv. GE writing and comm: level 2 and diversity soc div in the US course

Syllabus: Not Available