COMM 4554: Social Media


Class Number: 23704 (AU16)
Campus: Columbus
Instructor: Rober Meade Bond, Assistant Professor, School of Communication/College of Arts and Sciences
Terms offered:
Sites: Goodwill Columbus


How do you spend your time on the Internet? It’s likely you’re engaging with social media and its user-generated content, whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Wikipedia, Flickr, or other similar sites. This course will involve hands-on engagement with social media and cover the historical development of social media; how communication tenets are used to develop these sites and convey messages within them; how social media are changing our social expectations and interactions; how social media are being used to market mass media messages, including commercial, political, and health and other prosocial content; and how to design successful messages. Course will include a service component with nonprofit agencies concentrating on developing relevant social media messages and examining existing social media content for a community partner.


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