ARTS & SCI 3191: SparkPE

Arts and Sciences

Class Number: Unavailable
Campus: Newark
Instructor: Jennifer Anthony, OSU Newark
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Students enrolled in this class will spend 2-3 hours weekly leading exercise classes for Licking County schoolchildren with ADHD or disabilities affecting memory and attention. Research shows that exercise mitigates the symptoms of ADHD and improves academic performance, sometimes dramatically, in all populations. Students enrolled in the course will be educated on the nature of ADHD by a nationally known ADHD academic coach (Jodi Sleeper-Triplett) and trained by instructor Jennifer Anthony on implementing an exercise program called SparkPE. Although students enrolled in this class will not be working as traditional ADHD academic coach/tutors, they will benefit from 12 hours of training in ADHD coaching, which can be put toward the 30 hours required of those wishing to be certified as ADHD coaches.  An application is required. Email the instructor at for more details. Credit is variable (2-3 credits). Students who enroll and receive training in the fall will be expected to enroll in the spring class as well.


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