Natural Resource Management Majors

Rylie MacDonald

SENR Ambassador
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Major: Natural Resource Management
Specialization: Management and Administration

Future Career Goals: Although I’m not sure what I want my exact career to be, but I know I would like to go to graduate school. After that, I am hoping to do environmental conservation work in some form.

Favorite Part About SENR: SENR has an entirely different feel from main campus, it’s like having a small school within such a large school. I love how passionate every student in the college is. Everyone in the school wants to make a positive impact on the world and it is incredibly inspiring working with students and meeting people of all walks of life who share a common goal.

Research: As an Undergraduate Research Assistant, I have assisted graduate students on projects researching the effects of turbidity on fish.

Other Campus Involvements

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant in Dr. Gray’s Aquatic Physiological Ecology Lab
  • Second Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP)
  • TerrAqua

Nicole Tabit


SENR Ambassador  
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio  
: Natural Resources Management 
Specialization: Natural Resource Administration  

Future Career Plans: I’d like to work with outdoor education programs and children, preferably working outdoors at least some of the time.

Favorite Part About SENR: I love the close friend group I have gathered around the groups I am involved in!

Internships: Internship at the Sierra Club- Clean Water Campaign: I work on campaign movements that advocate to create clean water policy, and also work with the public at tabling events and street festivals, and organize summer camps for kids which teach them about clean water.

Other Campus Involvements

  • Member of the OSU Sierra Club Student Coalition
  • ENR Scholars
  • OSU Mountaineers
  • SENR Communications Intern

Ansley Watkins

SENR Ambassador
 Atlanta Metro
Major: Natural Resource Management

Specialization: Administration and Management

Future Career Plans: I am looking into something with conservation, preservation, and/or education. I am not certain yet, of course, but I like helping people learn about new things and the steps they can take to create positive changes.

Favorite part about SENR/OSU: I like seeing the passions different have and what everyone is working towards. I also like learning about things I’ve never heard about before!

Research: I am currently working at the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • ENR Scholars
  • Morrill Scholars
  • Sierra Club
  • Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
  • MANRRS (Multicultural Students in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences

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