Environment, Economy, Development, Sustainability Majors

Matt Griffin


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Hometown: Pickerington, OH
Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specialization: Sustainability and Business

Future Career Plans: I hope to work with businesses to address ways that they can reduce energy and resource consumption. I also want to work in developing countries to encourage sustainable development through the use of business initiatives.

Favorite part about SENR/OSU: I really love getting the chance to speak with today’s leaders in sustainability. OSU does an amazing job of providing once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to speak with the people who are truly changing the world.

Internships: I interned with the City of Worthington to help them create sustainability goals for their community. I surveyed residents and helped analysis the data to find trends. It was really awesome to be on the ground and to hear what residents are passionate about when it comes to sustainability.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • SUSTAINS Learning and Living Community
  • Project Nicaragua
  • Net Impact
  • Student Office Assistant in the AEDE Offices

Jake Humphrey


SENR Ambassador1920483_10202641489112236_1733168924644827543_n

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specialization: Sustainability and Business

Future Career Plans: I’d like to work as a development director in the nonprofit sector with an organization that has a presence in a developing country.

Favorite part about SENR/OSU: My favorite part of OSU is the number of resources that students have at their fingertips. We are one of the largest, most research funded universities in the nation. Anyone can do anything at OSU.

Other Campus Involvements: 

  • Morrill Tower Activities Board (Treasurer)
  • ENR Scholars Program
  • Net Impact
  • STEP

Jayson Velazquez


SENR Ambassador

 Paterson, NJ
Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specialization: Community Development

Future Career Plans: I will create a world where those living in lower-income communities are able to live an environmentally conscious and sustainable life without forcing gentrification on those communities. Environmental sustainability often comes with a connotation of being for those who can afford to live that lifestyle, where those in lower income communities are often given the short end of the stick. I plan on providing access to clean air, clean water, clean food, and a clean environment for those communities that otherwise would be left in the dark on progressive environmental movements.

Favorite part about SENR/OSU: As someone who switched their major from Environmental Engineering to EEDS, I felt right at home when I met with everyone in SENR. I was struggling to find my place prior to making my switch, but everyone welcomed me with open arms and I love what I am learning in my classes. I also love how you can always find someone who knows everything about something you’re interested in.

Internships: I interned with City Green, a non-profit organization located in Clifton, New Jersey that focuses on providing access to local, fresh, and organic produce to local lower-income communities. This experience allowed me to gain experience in food access work, which is a part of my plan for my future.

Other Campus Involvements:

  • Sustainability Programming Assistant for the Office of Energy Management and Sustainability
  • Morrill Scholars (Student Advisory Council Member)
  • SENR Mentor
  • BuckeyeThon Team Leader

 Ursula Hussey


SENR Ambassador
Hometown: Chillicothe, OH
Major: Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS)
Specialization: Sustainability and Business

Future Career Plans: I plan to go to law school where I will have a focus in environmental law.

Favorite part about SENR/OSU: My favorite part life at OSU is how connected it is to the City of Columbus. There is always something to do. From something as small as seeing a movie, to going to the Batelle Metro Park and seeing the buffalo.

Internship: During the summer 2018 I served as a Waste Management Intern under Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth LLC. As part of this position I worked on a recycling initiative for the facility. I assessed the company’s sustainability efforts and submitted reports to improve these efforts by introducing more recycling receptacles, specifically for plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The facility is such a staple in the Piketon community and my favorite part during my internship was learning about 62-year history. Other Campus Involvements:

  • Undergraduate Student Government
  • Residential Advisor for Morrill Tower
  • Environment and Natural Resources Scholar
  • Morrill Scolar
  • Franklinton Farms Volunteer

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