Current Issue: Summer 2018 (62.2)

A message from the incoming SEEJ editorial team at Ohio State University

Greetings from Ohio State University and our editorial team! It has been almost a year since we accepted the honor of serving as editors of SEEJ and it has been a year of learning and excitement. The volume you hold in your hands is the first one we produced on our own and it would not have happened without the generous collaboration, assistance, and support we have received from the outgoing team: Irene Delic (Editor), Helen Halva (Associate Editor), and John Bartle (Associate Editor for Reviews).  We are deeply grateful for their professionalism and generosity. Humbly, and with some trepidation, we follow their example and aspire to maintain the journal’s outstanding quality of scholarship.

We live in dynamic times when the journal’s geographic area of focus is featured in the news daily and relatively new scholarly methods and pursuits (digital, environmental, and medical humanities, among others) have inspired scholars to expand on our classical investigations of literature, film, linguistics, and language pedagogy. With renewed energy and the belief in the importance and relevance of all our work, we aim to support excellent research in these fields, to encourage cutting-edge investigations, and to expand our readership. To that end, we have added a new genre to our peer-reviewed research articles: editor-reviewed blog posts available on our website ( We encourage graduate students and junior colleagues to contribute to this new outlet. For up-to-date information on upcoming issues of SEEJ, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Yana Hashamova, Editor
Alexander Burry, Co-editor
Michael A. Denner (Stetson University), Editor for Reviews
Sean Ray, Editorial Assistant

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