Current Issue: Spring 2018 (62.1)

Outgoing Editor’s Note of Appreciation of SEEJ’s Review Editor, Professor John Bartle (Hamilton), and of Associate Editor, Dr. Helen Halva (UNC)

After five years of collegial cooperation between John, Helen and myself, I would like to thank my two collaborators warmly and gratefully for their invaluable service to the journal. To begin with John, he has during his twelve year stint as review editor edited and published more than 2,000 book reviews. He has done this enormous amount of work in addition to being chair of the Department of German and Russian Studies at Hamilton College, and fulfilling numerous other administrative duties. He has also carried a substantial teaching load while continuing his research on classical Russian authors together with his work in Refugee Studies and other innovative fields. As review editor he will be missed not only for his encyclopedic knowledge of which specialist would be the ideal reviewer for a given book, but also for his attentiveness to younger scholars trying out their critical faculties.

* * * * * * * *

Helen has a similarly prodigious record of work and diversity of interests. As Associate Editor she copyedited hundreds of submissions, maintained the journal’s database, collected statistics, corresponded with contributors, prepared reports for AATSEEL and gave invaluable advice about stylistics and many other issues. Her broad range of academic and other interests (South-Slavic, Slavic Folklore, Soviet Modernist Literature, Mathematics and classical music) was an immensely rich resource for the journal.

* * * * * * * *

I thank both my outstanding colleagues to whom I am greatly indebted for all their contributions to the journal. I warmly welcome the next SEEJ team at Ohio State University, Professors, and Editors Yana Hashamova and Alexander Burry, Mr. Sean Ray, Editorial Assistant, as well as Professor Michael Denner (Stetson University), incoming Review Editor.

Irene Masing-Delic
Professor Emerita, The Ohio State University
Research Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Outgoing Editor, SEEJ

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