Working as a Ross Counselor

The Ross Program will hire several counselors. For those summer weeks, counselors live in a campus dormitory and supervise/assist the first-year students.
   **Apply to be a Counselor in the 2018 session.**
Contact us in January to start the application process.

Application Requirements

We are looking for students who are talented in mathematics and also have excellent social skills.  We prefer applicants who are currently juniors or seniors in college, or who are graduate students working toward a degree involving math. It is also valuable to have some prior experience working with minors.  Successful candidates should know basic abstract algebra and elementary number theory. (Knowledge of all items on the Course Topics page is not required.)

If you are interested in becoming a Ross Counselor, please contact us at The reply email will contain an application to complete and return.

Each counselor must pass a background check prior to arrival on campus. If you are applying to Ross/USA and are not an American citizen or permanent resident, further steps might be needed to obtain a visa allowing you to earn a salary in the USA. Similarly if you are applying to Ross/Asia and are not a Chinese citizen.  Let us know your citizenship when you apply and we will discuss possibilities.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability,  protected veteran status, or political affiliation.

Counselor Responsibilities

Counselors are role models for the younger students. Counselors supervise dormitory life, evaluate (grade) the mathematical work submitted by their group of four students, and provide gentle hints and advice to help inspire students to stay focused on the number theory problems. Counselors also participate in more advanced math courses (topics vary from year to year), and are encouraged to organize their own lectures or short courses.


In exchange for six weeks of work, the Ross/USA Program provides each counselor with lodging, meals, and a stipend of $3500.  (Counselors at Ross/Asia have a different pay scale.)