Positions Available

Are you interesting in joining the Poirier Lab?

Postdoctoral Fellows

We welcome inquiries from highly motivated individuals who may be interested in carrying out postdoctoral studies in our group. If interested, please contact Dr. Poirier by e-mail. Include a CV (with complete list of publications) and the names and complete contact information of four people who can serve as references.

Graduate Students

We welcome highly motivated graduate students. Interested students must apply to and enroll in one of several graduate degree programs before choosing an advisor. Students wishing to join the Poirier lab may do so through several different programs:

Rotation Students

We welcome inquiries from graduate students interested in doing rotations in the Poirier lab. These are typically students from the Ohio State Biochemistry Program and the Biophysics Graduate Program. Projects are available in a wide variety of areas that include both biochemical and  biophysical studies of chromatin structure and function. Interested students should contact Dr. Poirier by e-mail.

Visiting Students

We welcome inquiries from highly motivated foreign students who may wish to visit and carry out a research project in the Poirier lab for a shorter period, e.g., three—twelve months, such as may be required for completion of an undergraduate or Master’s degree at many European universities. Interested students should contact Dr. Poirier by e-mail.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can carry out independent research projects and honors theses in the Poirier Lab. Typically undergraduate students are pursuing a degree in Physics or Biochemistry. We also sometimes accommodate undergraduate students interested in laboratory work. Students should have a background in the biological or physical sciences and must be willing to commit substantial blocks of time for a period of two years or more, generally including summers. Interested students should contact Dr. Poirier by e-mail.

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