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As we continue to watch the Omicron Deuteron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta grow, we realize the need for improvements to foster the development of both the brothers and the house. Such improvements are often covered in part by the House Corporation, international headquarters, and current chapter dues, but there are other outstanding improvements that fall short of the fiscal plans. In response, our chapter has created a fundraising tool that is connected through the “But for Ohio State” campaign. This fundraising option is another way that graduate brothers can donate to their individual chapter if they desire. Due to its connection to Ohio State, the campaign funds can only be used for certain purchases. Donations will only go to scholarships (academic or need-based housing), programming (paying for philanthropy venues like Rivalry Run or Survivor), and philanthropy (donations to the OSU Mental Wellness Center). Upon donating to the fund, the university withholds the amount of money from the chapter to ensure that it is only going appropriate causes.

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Because of its connection to Ohio State, each donation counts towards the President’s Club and the “But for Ohio State” campaign goal! That means that each annual donation is eligible to receive all of the benefits of its corresponding club. There is a link to find out more below! The Ohio State University is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization as well. If you are looking to make a huge financial impact within the chapter or the university, there are companies such as Cardinal Health that will do matching gifts. This is something that we have continued to work on to garner support!

This is the first time that our chapter has tried to implement a financial method to create improvements within the chapter. In order to promote academic excellence, we could use some money to provide scholarships that reward outstanding members. Additionally, this money would allow the chapter to make philanthropy events even more successful to ensure more money donated supports our philanthropy and not external costs. We would truly appreciate your financial support and trust in our chapter as we pioneer this new program through Ohio State.

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