Postdoctoral Mentor Training Workshops

June 21st & June 28th

8 AM – 12 PM

Room 134 of the Biomedical Research Tower

Presented by Marcela Hernandez, Jane Jackman, and Jeff Mason

These workshops are designed to help research mentors maximize the effectiveness of their mentoring relationships. It is based on a process-based training approach that help strengthen your current research mentoring experiences and research productivity. Furthermore, you’ll reflect on how to become a more responsive mentor.

This evidence-based training is supported by NIH, and includes the following areas of mentorship practices and interests:

  • Aligning Expectations
  • Addressing Equity and Inclusion
  • Articulating Your Mentoring Philosophy and Plan
  • Fostering Independence
  • Maintaining Effective Communication
  • Promoting Professional Development

Limited space is available. The link to register will be sent out as the date approaches.

Attending this event will count towards a certificate program that will start this fall. More information will be released soon.

About the Presenters:

Marcela Hernandez, PhD

Administrative Director

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs





Dr. Marcela Hernandez received her BS, in Molecular Genetics, and an MS and PhD in Biochemistry. Her current role is to design and implement programs to enhance and support postdoctoral scholars including a special focus on those from underrepresented backgrounds. Her scientific training and research in biochemistry and molecular biology focused on control of gene expression at the transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels. She is also the mother of twin boys, one of which has learning disabilities, which has made her active in the area of support and advocacy of students with disabilities at the K-12 and college levels. Dr. Hernandez became a scientist thanks to an awesome PhD mentor whose enthusiasm and love for science made her want to become a researcher. He taught her how to think like a scientist. This made her realize the importance of good scientific training and mentorship. She believes this is the single most important factor in becoming successful STEM professional. She also cultivated a mentoring network that has helped her grow professionally. Dr. Hernandez is very passionate about mentoring and hopes to help the next generation of STEM professionals to retain their love for science and to maneuver around the traps that are responsible for the leaky STEM pipeline.


Jane Jackman, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry





Dr. Jane Jackman is an Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The Ohio State University and the Director of the interdisciplinary Ohio State Biochemistry Program (OSBP). Dr. Jackman’s research focuses on enzymes that perform critical reactions in the maturation of non-coding RNA, such as tRNA and other small RNAs. Her group utilizes the tools of mechanistic enzymology and enzyme kinetics as well as model organism genetics to elucidate the molecular mechanisms and biological functions of these unusual enzymes. Dr. Jackman serves as a research mentor for both graduate and undergraduate students in her lab, and she is also coPI of an NSF-funded REU program in Molecular Genetics and Biochemistry that actively recruits students from underrepresented minority groups with the goal of enhancing trainees’ preparedness for success in graduate school. As director of the OSBP graduate program and mentor to students from diverse backgrounds in her own lab, Dr. Jackman is very interested in developing and applying effective strategies to recruit and retain the broadest representation of students in STEM and in research. She is also interested in augmenting graduate curricula with career and professional development opportunities that enhance long-term success of students in STEM-related fields.


Jeff Mason

Program Director

Office of Postdoctoral Research, College of Medicine





Jeff Mason is the program director for the Office of Postdoctoral Research and Discovery PREP at the Ohio State University College of Medicine.  Before coming to OSU, he received his BS in accounting and ran his own small business.  Since coming to OSU, he has worked as a grants manager and administrative director for the Pelotonia Fellowship Program.  The Pelotonia Fellowship Program is a research program with an annual budget over $2M that funds approximately 60 trainees each year at all levels of scholarship (undergraduate, graduate, medical and postdocotoral) to work on independent cancer research projects.  In the Office of Postdoctoral Research, Jeff works to recruit new postdocs to OSU, with an emphasis on diversity.  He also supports current OSU postdocs with everything from their day to day issues to career development.  PREP is an NIH funded program to help underrepresented post-bacs transition into graduate school and Jeff’s responsibilities include helping the scholars strengthen their research experience, do well on the GRE and career development.