Postdoctoral Scholar Mentor of the Year Award

The nomination form for the 2018 Postdoctoral Scholar Mentor of the Year Award is now open. Nominations will be accepted until June 22, 2018.

This award is presented to a postdoctoral researcher, fellow, or scholar who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring of junior trainees (high school, undergraduate, or graduate students) through leadership and support.

Nominators must submit an essay explaining why they are nominating this postdoctoral scholar for the award. Be sure to include the following aspects and provide examples of each:

  • What are some notable mentoring qualities and skills that this individual has?
  • Describe how the nominee encourages and teaches good research practices.
  • Describe how the nominee supports mentees’ career goals.
  • Describe in details how this nominee demonstrates a commitment to creating and maintaining a productive working environment.

IMPORTANTplease note that only one nomination package will be accepted per postdoc nominee. If you plan on nominating a postdoc, please coordinate with anyone else who is interested in nominating the same postdoc and submit materials as one PDF.

Submission Instructions: 

  • The nomination form will ask for your name, email, department, and for your nominee’s name, email, and department.
  • If multiple people are nominating the same postdoc, please submit a one page, single-spaced collaborative essay as a single PDF.
  • Please save the PDF as the name of the postdoc you are nominating.

To access the nomination form, click here.

Tasha Posid is the 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar Mentor of the Year

Dr. Noah Weisleder of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, presenting the award to Dr. Tasha Posid, with Abby Mills, an undergraduate research assistant who nominated Dr. Posid

Dr. Tasha Posid is a postdoctoral researcher in the Cognitive Development Lab of the Department of Psychology. She was nominated by an undergraduate research assistant who articulated the genuine efforts Dr. Posid has put forth into improving the undergraduate research experience, as well as the outstanding support and mentorship she has received while working with Dr. Posid. In addition to her commendable mentoring capabilities, Dr. Posid has also demonstrated excellent leadership amongst her trainees in the research environment. Congratulations Dr. Posid!

2017 Nominees

  • April Joice, Pharmacy
  • Dario Palmieri, Cancer Biology and Genetics
  • Devendra Dusane, Microbial Infection and Immunity
  • Frances Sivakoff, Entamology
  • Huimin Wang, Materials Science and Engineering
  • James Beacham, Physics
  • Jyoti Katoch, Physics and the Center for Emergent Materials
  • Marlena Ryba, Psychology
  • Michelle Roley-Roberts, Nisonger Center
  • Mohammad Elnakish, Physiology & Cell Biology
  • Qadeer Ahmed, Center for Automotive Research
  • Safiya Khurshid, Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Xiaoyi Lu, Computer Science and Engineering