Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

The nomination form for the 2018 Faculty Mentor of the Year Award is now open. Nominations will be accepted until August 10, 2018.

The Faculty Mentor of the Year Award recognizes a faculty member who has engaged in exceptional mentoring of postdoctoral scholars as exhibited by the following:

  • Has advocated for postdoctoral scholars.
  • Has been accessible and provided open lines of communication to postdoctoral scholars.
  • Has created a supportive environment for research; has shown respect for the postdoctoral scholars’ goals and assisted them in fulfilling those goals.
  • Has provided guidance in professional development, including, for example, encouraging the use of the NPA Core Competencies for self-assessment and guidance, completing an individual development plan, and assisting the postdoctoral scholars in building a professional network through generous sharing of contacts.
  • Has demonstrated a sustained commitment to creating a productive working environment that enhances the overall postdoctoral experience.

The recipient of the Faculty Mentor of the Year Award will then be nominated for the NPA Garnett-Powers & Associates, Inc. Mentor Award.

Nomination Instructions:

Nominators must submit an essay explaining why they are nominating a particular faculty mentor for this award. Be sure to include the following aspects and provide examples of each:

  • Clearly describe your nominee’s mentoring characteristics and philosophies, and how the nominee demonstrates these qualities.
  • Describe how your nominee has encouraged and implemented practices such as enhancing networking and career planning skills, and how your nominee has made an active effort to help their postdoc(s) work towards future career goals or create career plans.
  • How has your nominee discussed the importance of professional development? Has the nominee encouraged their postdoc(s) to attend events or provided relevant experiences for their postdoc(s)?
  • Explain in detail how the nominee has served as mentor. For example, how long has he/she served as a mentor? How many postdocs has the nominee mentored? What are some examples of how this mentor’s postdocs have reached certain accomplishments under the mentor’s guidance? Etc.

IMPORTANTplease note that only one nomination package will be accepted per nominee. If you plan on nominating a faculty mentor, please coordinate with anyone else who is interested in nominating the same person and submit materials as one PDF.

Submission Instructions: 

  • The nomination form will ask for your name, email, department, and for your nominee’s name, email, and department.
  • If multiple people are nominating the same faculty mentor, please submit a one page, single-spaced collaborative essay as a single PDF.
  • Please save the PDF as the name of the person you are nominating.

To access the nomination form, click here.

Gerald Frankel is 2017’s Mentor of the Year

The Postdoctoral Advisory Council (PAC) is pleased to announce that Gerald Frankel is the 2017 recipient of the annual Mentor of the Year Award.

Dr. Frankel pictured with Dr. Marcela Hernandez of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the postdocs who nominated him.

Dr. Frankel is a professor of Materials Science and Engineering and is the Director of the Fontana Corrosion Center at The Ohio State University. He was nominated by four of his postdoctoral mentees, who have articulated the quality of training, support, and mentorship they have received while working in his laboratory. In addition to conducting an extremely productive working atomsphere for his mentees, Dr. Frankel has notably made efforts to enhance the postdoctoral experience for the individuals that nominated him, by providing hands-on experiences for professional and personal development.

2017 Nominees

Jill Rafael-Fortney


Department of Physiology and Cell Biology



Rafael Bruschweiler

Ohio Research Scholar

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



Stefan Niewiesk

Interim Chairperson

Department of Veterinary Biosciences



Noah Weisleder is 2016’s Mentor of the Year

The Postdoctoral Advisory Council (PAC) is pleased to announce that Noah Weisleder is the inaugural recipient of the annual Mentor of the Year Award. This award is presented to a faculty member who has shown outstanding service, advocacy, and support of the postdoctoral scholars under his or her mentorship. Mentors are nominated by their mentees.


Dr. Weisleder is an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiology and Cell Biology in the College of Medicine and was nominated by two of his postdoctoral mentees who articulated the outstanding training, support and mentorship they have received while working in his laboratory. In addition, Dr. Weisleder has been a strong supporter of the Postdoctoral Association and has become involved in other initiatives through the PAC, such as moderating a peer writing group for postdoctoral scholars working on faculty applications. Through his mentorship and involvement, Dr. Weisleder demonstrates his interest and dedication to serve the postdoctoral community at Ohio State. 

2016 Nominees

John Beacom 

Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Director of CCAPP

Department of Physics


Rafael Bruschweiler

Ohio Research Scholar

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



Adriana Dawes 

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics




John Gunn

Professor, Graduate Faculty

Department of Microbial Infection and Immunity




Sandor Gyorke


SBS – Physiology & Cell Biology




Nam Lee

Associate Professor




Ann McAlearney

Professor of Family Medicine, Vice Chair for Research

Department of Family Medicine


Milap Nahata


Pharmacy Practice and Administration



Andrew Ward


Department of Food Agricultural, and Biological Engineering