Destination Ohio State University (DOSU)

The goal of the Destination Ohio State University (DOSU) Bridge Program is to increase the number of underrepresented minority (URM) students who complete a bachelor’s degree in STEM majors and to make them competitive for Ph.D. programs. Changes in admissions criteria and high tuition costs have made it increasingly difficult to successfully recruit URM students as first-year freshmen in large research universities. Indeed, these factors have contributed to a national trend where many URM students opt to attend two-year community colleges before transferring to four-year universities. Such a transition, however, presents prospects and serious challenges, as evidenced by the graduation rates and placement data.

DOSU in collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry provides guidance and funding to get students engaged in research when they transition to Ohio State from Columbus State Community College in the fall. This allows the students to become part the scientific community of the university, and give them a sense of belonging that is critical for success.

The OPA has partnered with the program to give postdocs the opportunity to mentor these students as they are introduced to research. By participating in this program postdocs also have the chance to contribute to increasing the number of research opportunities for transfer students who have a large number of underrepresented minority (URM) students.

Postdocs who choose to participate will need to:

  • Give a 5 min talk about their research and participate in a networking session with prospective DOSU students
  • Attend a mentoring training session. There are a few options for this:
    • Attend a Working with undergraduates in the Lab session (2 hours)
    • Attend the more robust NRMN training (8 hours)
    • Attend a DOSU Mentoring training session (2 hours)
  • Host students during the summer for a one day shadowing experience


Late March         DOSU Faculty and Staff will hold an information session at Columbus State

Mid-April             Research presentations and networking session

May-July              Students attend 3 one-day shadowing sessions in labs of their choice

June                      Mentoring sessions

Early August       Match students and postdocs based on the feedback received

Early September Research experience begins

To access the presentation slides from the Research Information Session (5.15.18), please click here.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor in the DOSU program, please sign up here.

For questions please contact Marcela Hernandez (