Script Ohio

Script Ohio is one of the longest standing traditions at The Ohio State University and the signature of The Ohio State University Marching Band.  It was first performed in 1936 and has been a highly esteemed tradition ever since.

Ohio Staters, Inc. is creating a sculpture to commemorate The Ohio State Marching Band and their signature “Script Ohio.”  We want to recognize the work of the individuals who have played a key role in the success and history of the marching band, but also to display this well-known tradition on campus. Script Ohio is largely recognized at football games, but once the band walks off the field, this project would enhance an ongoing awareness and respect for our band.

This granite sculpture will be 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall, weighing a total of 20,000 pounds! It will be installed in the north end of the Lincoln Tower fields and will face south campus with Buckeye Grove and the Ohio Stadium behind it – what a great opportunity for a Kodak moment!

Members of Ohio Staters, Inc. began this project in the Spring of 2015, and we are still working in full force to see this project to completion.  Ohio Staters, Inc. is fully responsible for all fundraising and marketing for this project.  Our current efforts are directed towards fundraising phase of this iconic sculpture!

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