Active Projects

Each semester, Ohio Staters, Inc. sponsors numerous projects seeking to improve the welfare of Ohio State students and promote the traditions of the university. Currently, OSI is working on the projects listed below. Check them out to see how Ohio Staters, Inc. is working hard to make Ohio State an inclusive, enjoyable and tradition-filled University for all!

  • Reflections On Mirror Lake
    • For the completion of the Mirror Lake renovations, Staters is constructing informational signs throughout the Historic Mirror Lake District. These signs will share the historical significance of Mirror Lake and Browning Amphitheater to the Ohio State community.
  •  Little Library
    • The goal of Little Library is to provide an opportunity to exchange books and encourage casual readership among the Ohio State community. There will be several booths around campus filled with books. These will be centrally located on frequently traveled areas. Additionally, we will market the point of the Little Library, specifically the take a book leave, a book mentality. These libraries will be designed to hold books of various levels and interests, and painted in an Ohio State spirit.
  • Global Carmeny
    • The vision of Global Carmeny is to create an interactive digital display of Carmen Ohio translated into various languages for the public to engage with in the Ohio Union. Viewers will be able to select a language on a touchscreen display that will guide them to a translated version of the alma mater. Audio can be implemented to play a recording of the Men’s Glee Club singing the English version of Carmen. As it plays, the display could highlight the matching portion in the chosen language. These languages could initially be chosen based on countries that our student population represents, then expanded periodically to account for new representation on campus if deemed necessary. Next to the electronic display would be an installation of the alma mater in Braille to accommodate our visually impaired visitors. Thus, Global Carmeny will unify the multicultural presence of the Ohio State University and emphasize the university’s core values of diversity and inclusion.
  • Watch Your Wash
    • Watch Your Wash is aimed at creating an addition to the OSU mobile app that would allow students in applicable residence halls to check which washers and dryers are available to be used. Also, the app would allow students to check how much longer their clothes will be in either the washer or the dryer
  • Bricks of Buckeyes Past
    • Bricks of Buckeyes Past is a project that seeks to beautify campus and emphasize Ohio State traditions and history by creating a display of donated bricks and stones from old OSU campus buildings that will be visible to students, faculty and staff, visitors, and alumni. Each brick will be labeled indicating the name of the building from which it came, the dates during which the building stood, and a photo of the building