ODEE is Green Buckeye Certified!

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has received Green Buckeye Certification for all of our submitted spaces! Work continues to improve and expand our sustainable practices in addition to integrating features into the Mount Hall renovation for the building to be LEED certified.
We would like to extend a special thanks to Julie Maurer who has led our Green Buckeye Certification initiative so far.  Julie has recently pursued a new opportunity at the John Glenn School/College of Public Affairs.

ODEE submits applications

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has submitted Green Buckeye certification applications for all of its operating spaces in Enarson Classroom Building and Mount Hall as well as the Digital Unions in Denney Hall, Hagerty Hall, and Stillman Hall. Next they will be reviewed by the Energy Services & Sustainability office.

ODEE begins work towards Green Buckeye Certification

The Office of Distance Education and eLearning has held its kick-off meeting for our initiative to achieve Green Buckeye Certification for all of ODEE. Previously, the original Digital Union location in the Science and Engineering Library and Media Services were Green Buckeye Certified. Now we’re expanding the breadth of our ambition. The goal of our project is to certify all ODEE spaces in Enarson Classrooms Building, Mount Hall, and the new Digital Union locations in Denney, Enarson, Hagerty, and Stillman Hall.

Leading the certification team is Julie Maurer, who has a strong background in environmental engineering, sustainability, and civil engineering. Joining her are John Pryzbylek, Justin Troyer, and Jill Whitney representing varied specializations, departments, and locations within ODEE.

This site will provide updates on ODEE’s progress through the certification process, related endeavors, on-going improvements once we attain certification, and information about sustainability at Ohio State.

For more information about Green Buckeye Certification and sustainability, please the Energy Services and Sustainability’s Buckeye Footprint web site.


Our Goal!

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