Battery and Light Bulb Recycling

Many at OSU may not know this, but Environmental Health and Safety offers free pick-up and proper disposal of hazardous materials, including used batteries and light bulbs. Batteries contain heavy metals and toxic chemicals while fluorescent blubs contain minor amounts of mercury. It is important that all of these materials along with paints, pesticides and other hazardous and infectious materials be disposed of properly to keep them from contaminating ground water and the rest of the environment.

To schedule collection by EHS:

  1. Visit their site at
  2. Click Hazardous Waste Services
  3. Click Create New Request
  4. Click Universal for batteries and fluorescent bulbs
  5. Click Waste Pickup
  6. Select the container type, quantity, and contents
  7. Click Save and Review the Request
  8. Edit your location and add a comment if necessary
  9. Click Submit this Request

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