Hit the Road with the Buckeyes

This team physical activity challenge is designed around the Ohio State football season. Teams of 2 to 10 benefits-eligible faculty/staff and their enrolled spouses/same-sex domestic partners are encouraged to “walk” the distance to Ohio State’s away Big Ten football games by tracking their steps. The challenge runs from today (10/2) through Sunday (11/19). Participants can earn up to 1,050 YP4H points and win a pair of Ohio State-branded SKICKS shoes. Log in to the YP4H portal now to begin forming your team and tracking your steps. Read more Contact

Have You Tried Piktochart? (Source: Ashley Kulhanek, ANR Medina County)

Piktochart is an infographic creation platform that the Medina Office recently began using (Pro account 39.99/yr shared sign-on for use by all program areas) after hearing about it through the Ed Tech Blog. While anyone could create an infographic using PowerPoint-type tools, this site brings all the icons, flow charts, templates, and tools into one location for drag and drop ease.

The templates are the real star in my opinion, 11 in the free account and over 600 on the pro account! They help with spacing and visualizing, inspiration, and are easily edited for brand-approved colors and design. The templates offer a long-scrolling format fit for web use, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. The pro-account allows you to download as a pdf which can be printed to an 8.5×11 letter size paper for distribution or emailing as well. The free account will allow you to download the graphic as an image file only and in lower resolution.

Most of the symbols and images are there for you but it also allows you to upload images. They easily drag and drop into place with guides for alignment. It has the potential to make newsletters, brochures, flyers, and even presentations too! The end results have made for some attractive promotion and informational forms for us to share in Medina.

Visit https://southeast.osu.edu/sites/extse/files/imce/files/MM/TWS%20100217.pdf to see some things we have made so far that I hope will encourage you all to give it a try!

Inactivated User Defined in PeopleSoft

We have learned that many user defined values have been inactivated. Please ensure that the user defined you are using in eRequest or eTravel still is active. We don’t have a list of those that have been made inactive. What we do know:

“OCIO did a mass inactivation of User Defined values that had not been used in the last year. They were required to do this in preparation for the transition to WorkDay.”

If you are entering a chartfield and receive an error, it may be due to the user defined value being inactivated.

Ed Tech Coffee Break

This Friday, October 6 at 10 a.m. join the PD&E staff to learn how to conduct online evaluations and how to request online EEETs following a Zoom session. They will also cover where to report webinars/distance education in VITA. Join the Coffee Break Here.

If you missed the September Zoom training on Marketing and Promoting Zoom Webinars and Meetings, You can find the recording at u.osu.edu/extensionedtech

Southeast Region Endowment Applications

The SE Region Office is now accepting applications for the 2018 Endowment Awards. The deadline for this year’s submissions will be December 1, 2017 with awards being announced by December 31. Receive up to $500 per individual award; these are available to ALL Staff in the Southeast Region. Some ideas of previous submissions are listed below. Please consider applying. The guidelines and application can be found at https://southeast.osu.edu/region-director.

Program Support:

  • Kindred Gardens: Gardening for Seniors
  • Breakfast in the Barn
  • Boys and Girls Club Learning Garden Program
  • Growing Together
  • Nutrition and Wellness Program
  • Manage Your Money Email Challenge
  • Making the Best 4-H Clubs Better-Version 2.0
  • Bazinga! Exploring STEM at Camp
  • I Can Cook!
  • Strengthening the Food System by Providing Low Income Families Access to High Quality Local Foods

Professional Development:

  • Participation in National Conference
  • Poverty Coaching Institute
  • The Cook’s Shop Cooking Classes
  • Leadership Conference
  • Sustainability and Savings
  • Camping and Environmental Education Institute
  • Conference on Volunteerism
  • Farm Management Congress
  • Agricultural and Extension Education Graduate Program
  • Engaging the 21st Century Learner Thru Technology
  • Public Health Education and Health Educator Institute
  • Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers Membership
  • Identifying Programming Resources for Older Youth at NAE4-HA

Update 3: RiV to VITA Transition (Source: Debby Lewis)

What’s been going on?! We tried pilot testing the Extension module in VITA during late May/early June. After initial success, more and more bugs were being reported. As the academic school year approached, the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) team working on our module were pulled away to address the issues with Carmen (60,000 students trumps our reporting needs). This delay is why we have not scheduled VITA trainings for Extension employees; we cannot train you how to use software that is not working correctly.

Sunday morning data transfers…Every Sunday morning, all data are being transferred from RiV to VITA unless you previously submitted your name to the “freeze my RiV data” list. As these data transfers have occurred, we started to notice some errors. In an effort to minimize the data clean up burden on YOU, we (PDE) are currently working with the ODEE team to correct the errors.

So, what should you do? Keep inputting data into Research in View (RiV). That way, when we make the transition (fully) to VITA, your data will be ready and waiting for you (ETA mid-November). Before making this type of switch, it’s good practice to save an electronic copy of your data in the “current” reporting system (RiV).

  • If you have technical difficulties with RiV, please let me (or Kim Showalter.56) know.
  • If you are new(ish) to Extension and do not have an account in RiV, submit your information at the following link (http://go.osu.edu/noRiV) to receive further instruction.

NOTE: I have the “freeze my RiV data” list and the list of people who have been using VITA since June 1. If you are on either list, I will be sending a targeted follow-up email with more information next week. Please be sure to read it carefully!

Thank you for your continued patience as we work out the bugs! Debby (lewis.205@osu.edu)

“Saving” your data.  Generate the following three documents in RiV…

  1. Generate a dossier document (leave the start date blank so it includes all of your data)
  2. Generate a pdf your “profile view”.
    • To pdf your “profile view”, login to RiV, click the “profile” tab, and click the adobe pdf button (in the upper right, next to the green box with the question mark) and it should create a document of everything on the screen…in profile view, not like it would appear in a dossier document. The pdf of your “profile view” will say “curriculum vita” at the top. Your Extension data will be toward the end of the document.
  3. Generate a 2017 Extension Annual Report (start date 1/1/2017, end date 12/31/2017). It may not be complete if you haven’t been adding data to RiV this year, but it may help.

2018 National Health Outreach Conference CFP

From Roger Rennekamp

If you are doing Extension work related to health, I encourage you to consider submitting a proposal to present at the NHOC in 2018. The call for proposals was just released.

Proposal Submissions Due: October 30, 2017

Conference held May 2-4, 2018 at the Radisson Blu Hotel near Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. For more information and selection criteria, visit the Call for Proposals webpage.

Director’s Drop-In 100217

Reminder – 2018 Community Engagement Conference Proposals are due by October 30

Proposals are being accepted until October 30 for Ohio State’s inaugural Community Engagement Conference, taking place January 24-25, 2018 in the Ohio Union. Building on the success of the Extension Annual Conference and the university’s Engagement Forum, the conference will bring together faculty, staff, students and community partners to focus on professional development and networking, while exploring new potential engagement partnerships. The theme of this year’s conference is Partnering to Advance Health and Wellness. To submit a proposal and learn more, visit engage.osu.edu/conference. Presenters will be notified no later than November 21. Conference registration will open in October. Other questions? Contact Ben Lewis with Outreach and Engagement (lewis.485@osu.edu) or Jared Morrison (morrison.332@osu.edu) with OSU Extension.