OTF is here again

As we get ready for the final push for the 2017 OTF Turfgrass Conference and show it would be remiss of us to not bring up the list of speakers coming in from all around the country to offer their expertise. Disease, weeds, insects, weather, latest breeding information are all on tap and even more. It promises to be the best show yet – come along and see the great John Street too!


Dr. Paul Koch – University of Wisconsin

Dr. Fred Yelverton – North Carolina State University

Dr. Kevin Kloesel – University of Oklahoma

Dr. Leah Brilman – Oregon State University

Dr. Ben McGraw – Pennsylvania State University


Register today!


We will be there with students too competing in the turfbowl and also hoping to catch up with alumni – come find us at the booth!

Internships internships internships

Believe it or not, in a similar situation to many turfgrass programs across the country – our students have almost all signed up for their internship opportunities already – the early bird catches the worm as they say.

Our students are predominantly going to be based in Ohio but some have also taken a look at out of state opportunities. As I write this I would make a recommendation to anyone who is thinking about an internship program – do it properly or don’t do it at all.

If you are frustrated that you cannot gain interns from various programs, consider the following questions.

Do you provide free/discounted accommodation?

Do you provide uniforms / food discounts of some sort?

Have you a LEGIBLE clearly communicated internship document that indicates tasks expected to be completed and expected training outcomes for the potential candidates?

Have you visited the schools in person?

Do you start the process of looking for interns in September of the previous year or wait until February / March of the actual year?

Are you willing to give them tournament exposure (eg  volunteer at tournament week close by for the AM or PM shift)?

Have you thought about broadening the internship to include landscape experiences?

Have you called the professors at these programs and actually made an effort to sell your program?

There are other things that students are being offered on top of this basic list – its competitive out there!

You may say that these students are being pampered too much if this is what is being offered – I will just say – you’re probably not going to get an intern if that’s your approach. The students have a choice – they are aware of this and who can blame them if they believe that the opportunities being offered to them are the best for their careers? All you can do is get involved and go in with eyes wide open.

It has been a hectic start! And Summer has not disappeared – yet!

A summer finish that seemed somewhat timid has not completely let go as we currently stand – temperatures in the mid 80’s mean that there is still a bit of care required to avoid getting into late season trouble. Aeration cores have been flying along with sand topdressing to help summer recovery processes – critical to many golf courses who retain quality putting surfaces through the summer seasons.

Rust abounds and I would expect some issues with dollar spot to still exist, although the drying conditions may limit the severity of the issues. Insect activity and the resulting digging has not started to fire up too intensely but it should arrive at some stage soon. Leaf fall has begun for many as Maple trees start to turn color and create a mess at the same time – it is the time of year for it to happen so surprise should not be one of your expressions in regards to this.

As for ATI students, they have been busy – classes have returned with somewhat higher number – a good thing though we would like more! The students have made a trip to Columbus to visit the OSU golf course facility during the Web.com event week, the Scotts Company in Marysville to see how fertilizer is made and also to the Ohio Turfgrass Foundation Research Field day – where they got to see the latest research at from the OSU Turf program. Following that the students were involved in the Turfgrass Scholarship Fundraiser on September 14th where they carried bags, interacted with alumni who came from all over, and some even managed to get some golf in. The students used the research green as a stop for the longest putt competition which was won by current OTF president Jason Straka who dropped a 40ft bomb with his first putt! The event raised over $17,500 for scholarships and we will look to build on that for next year – we are very grateful for everyones support both on the day and in the run up to the event.

The turf club has elected a new board of officers and students are preparing for trips to both OTF and GIS where they will man the OSU ATI Turfgrass Booth and meet our ever expanding alumni network. Finally Dr. Raudenbush and Dr. Nangle combined to purchase a greens roller for the students to practice on the putting green and make sure they know the intricacies of using such a piece of equipment – no one has crashed it yet!

As always if there are questions or queries dont hesitate to contact us! Enjoy the fall – whenever it arrives – Go Bucks!

Scholarship Golf Outing

Many of you have been waiting with bated breath for the announcement – here it is!

The annual golf outing in aid of student scholarships at ATI has been announced and the date is September 14th with a shotgun start at 9.30am – The annual event helps to fund incoming and current students and is a vital source of funding for students coming from families who have never had an opportunity for third level education previously.

Opportunities for hole sponsorships, door prizes and raffle items are available. Registration for players is expected soon with a 4 man team costing $320 and a per player price of $80. If there are any questions don’t hesitate to contact either Dr. Raudenbush (raudenbush.2@osu.edu) or Dr. Nangle (Nangle.1@osu.edu)

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there.

Links for details and registration (using a credit card) can be checked out below.

Details https://ati.osu.edu/node/2420

Support opportunities http://www.cvent.com/d/05qtsw/4W

The heat is literally ON

Summer has certainly arrived as temperatures rapidly went from enjoyable to decidedly uncomfortable with the current nighttime lows in NE Ohio hovering around the dreaded 70°F mark and concern rises about the arrival of the dreaded Pythium word. As of 6-13-17 the moisture has been limited with this hot spell (in reality it has been more hairdryer like) however with thunderstorms forecast and an increase in atmospheric moisture accompanying that then problems are certain to follow. As we get ready for the 100 days and start the countdown to August 15th remember – no rash decisions!

To help your self aim to vent or poke holes with non invasive pencil tines as much as possible – getting oxygen into the rootzone (which we hope is not compromised with spring rains) is critical to overcoming the issues. Further to that ensuring the plant protectant processes are on time and covering the expected issues is going to be critical at this time of year. Do not get behind the game early on turf conditions as summer is a very hard time to recover from problems. Further to that water management and ensuring maintenance conditions are not too stressful will be critical to help get the summer golf season off to a good start – so watching mowing heights, roller types and reducing inputs from a fertility standpoint will need to be given consideration. Finally – it is starting to get into insect activity time so using the model systems will be critical – if conditions stay hot and dry like this it could be a long summer!

Ensure staff are well hydrated and also protected from sun issues at this time also – they are your most valuable asset.  Good luck out there!