The heat is literally ON

Summer has certainly arrived as temperatures rapidly went from enjoyable to decidedly uncomfortable with the current nighttime lows in NE Ohio hovering around the dreaded 70°F mark and concern rises about the arrival of the dreaded Pythium word. As of 6-13-17 the moisture has been limited with this hot spell (in reality it has been more hairdryer like) however with thunderstorms forecast and an increase in atmospheric moisture accompanying that then problems are certain to follow. As we get ready for the 100 days and start the countdown to August 15th remember – no rash decisions!

To help your self aim to vent or poke holes with non invasive pencil tines as much as possible – getting oxygen into the rootzone (which we hope is not compromised with spring rains) is critical to overcoming the issues. Further to that ensuring the plant protectant processes are on time and covering the expected issues is going to be critical at this time of year. Do not get behind the game early on turf conditions as summer is a very hard time to recover from problems. Further to that water management and ensuring maintenance conditions are not too stressful will be critical to help get the summer golf season off to a good start – so watching mowing heights, roller types and reducing inputs from a fertility standpoint will need to be given consideration. Finally – it is starting to get into insect activity time so using the model systems will be critical – if conditions stay hot and dry like this it could be a long summer!

Ensure staff are well hydrated and also protected from sun issues at this time also – they are your most valuable asset.  Good luck out there!


The summer has started!

This week has really introduced the heat for the year and those of you with bentgrass have probably been pretty darn happy – the wait is over – kind of! (A cool down will come). However  soil temperatures have now started to climb into the upper 50’s on average – and that is critical – measuring soil temperature at 12pm is not a good indicator of the reality of soil temperatures. This means timings for issues such as DMI treatments are now getting extremely late.

Further to that we are now most decidedly beyond the use of ester based formulations for broadleaf weed control and froma  safety standpoint amine formulations will be most appropriate going forward. Issues have not been to intense so far but managing water may be critical for the next short period of time – temperatures, high winds and turfgrasses that may be juvenile will be prime for problems. Trial season has begun for many of the turf team and so expect to see results running through the summer as well as the OTF Field Day on August 29th and trial data at Bob O’Link for vendors day on August 13th

Finally with this current blast of heat – make sure that all the crew are fully hydrated and also sufficiently protected against sunscreen. Good luck out there!

Trials initiated 5-17-17 at Bob O’Link in Avon, OH – see the results on August 13th!

End of the semester countdown

The end of the semester is coming up and students are getting ready for the final exams at ATI. All of our turfgrass students have had internships since late last year and places as far flung as Nevada, Illinois, Ohio and West Virginia are all on the list for students internship sites. Students have been out with Dr Raudenbush both at Hawks nest and around the state gaining insight into the industry as it wakes back up after winter (Picture 1). Dr’s Raudenbush and Nangle are getting ready to put out research trials both at Hawks Nest and in the Cleveland area so expect to see us out and about this summer. The year has been a busy one for all and we are expecting a strong incoming class for next August / September. To that end – make sure and provide us with your internship opportunities early and provide an educational plan for the internship if you really want to compete.


OSU/ATI students were in Columbus with Dr. Raudenbush and the Columbus Crew with field managers Weston Appelfeller this week (4-20-17)

Trial focuses will include moss control options, some plant health work and projects looking at water management strategies. We are also looking forward to releasing information about our scholarship golf outing with strong hopes of building on last years successful event.

Things to watch for in the near future – dandelion activity is in full flow, crabgrass germination is beginning to grab hold state wide with the only exceptions being on the lake in the northern part of the state. Furthermore courses in the northern part of the state would want to think about finishing and early season DMI applications up as time is starting to run out – rapidly!

Hurry hurry hurry

Rather incredible to think but based of the GDD tracker for people in northern Ohio time is now getting close to being passed optimum for both pre-emerge applications and applications of materials for seed head control – it also means golf season is just around the corner. Managing very wet soils and reducing early season wear and compaction is going to be difficult for many for the next month and so patience will be critical. Further to that – communication with memberships and golfers will be important this week as they lay their eyes on the beauty of Augusta.

Issues on the disease front seem to have been limited so far this spring – certainly there were no reports of Typhula spp. and it seems with the melting of snow and warmer temperatures in both January and February, Microdochium nivale has also failed to make much of an impression. Some activity has been noted with Rhizoctonia showing up around the ATI campus and also Laetisaria fuciformis showing up on slow growing lawn height turfgrasses. Its early in the season but scouting and staying on top of issues now will help for the rest of the summer!