The golf outing – and what it means to our students

Many of you may or may not know that one of the outstanding components of ATI within the OSU system is the very high numbers of students who attend and graduate from a third level institution for the first time from their family. Many of us take it for granted that college should occur but in many situations people have to decide on following a dream or sustaining themselves and family. Students in that situation do apply to ATI and the scholarships that we can give out to help offset the costs are ultimately life changing. The network of alumni that help out our students via internships and career starts are critical but in the same way our ability to support students entering school for the first time from many of their families means that they can take that first step.

We appreciate the support that many of you provide – it all makes a difference and we hope you will continue with us as we try to excite and enthuse more students into the turfgrass industry. If you think its something you could support click on the link below and pick an option. We thank you sincerely for all you can do.

Summer has not left us – just changed! OTF Field day, NOGCSA Vendors day and ATI Golf Outing

Despite the return of cooler temperatures, the impact of summer has not gone away and in fact if the rain continues as forecast by the end of this week (7-27-18) we will possibly be in a saturated rootzone situation and that will be even more problematic – anyone for Augsut 15th and possibly getting some venting done?

Untreated areas did suffer from pythium damage (Picture 1) and despite the cool down, dollar spot Clarireedia jacksonii sp. nov. immediately appeared on turf and with moisture and temperatures ideal for the next week the pressure will be intense – if your window is a little off there could be issues.

Pic 1 Residual effect of low wet areas suffering Pythium damage this summer


Dollar spot active in the Cleveland area immediately after the cool down (7-23-18)


Coming up there are a range of learning and networking events for the industry around the state. The annual OTF research and technology field day is closing in on us on August 7 in Columbus and it will be an excellent event with the latest and greatest research and technology on view – you can register here.


The very next day August 8th NOGCSA has their annual vendors day and so if you don’t get the opportunity to make it to Columbus there will be plots and technology in Avon also – registration can be found here—NON-MEMBER-FACILITY-9.html?ModKey=mk$clsc&LayoutID=&EventID=104&evtid=104&cdocid=9&lastCalM=

Finally on August 9th for those of you focused on the landscape industry OLCA has the second of their annual field days in Columbus – this will have an excellent lineup of speakers with topics from mosquito control to lawn establishment work being part of the learning experience. You can register here

Finally the annual OSU ATI turfgrass scholarship golf outing is slated for September 20th at Hawks Nest GC in Creston OH. In what is a critical event for the scholarship fund a great event is planned and we hope you can get involved! Registration for that event can be found here


Finally – if you need any help please don’t hesitate to contact us!







Its been a bit rough so far

This year has not been the kindest to turfgrass. Winter dragged on and on and on and then the blast furnace was turned on. As I type soil temperatures are above 80°F which means during the daytime it is a real bunch of fun for turfgrass roots. Venting and pencil tines will help but a cool down would do even more! To that end rain is on the way for northern Ohio – hopefully this will bring some respite and not boiling of canopies! Further to this reports are emerging of armyworm damage east of us and that is not a great sign as the damage can be prolific – be aware!

To help you look forward to the end of the dog days of summer I am letting you know the golf outing in aid of the scholarship fund at OSU ATI is coming up on September 20th and you can expect to see registration available within the next week. We look forward to your support once again and cannot wait to see you all there!

Its been hectic!

As we hurtle ever more rapidly to the end of the semester it has been noticeable that our efforts on updating you all have become limited!

Mnay things have occurred over the last 2-3 months that you may or may not want to know about and the aim is to keep this short and sweet while giving you insight you may want

Turf club had an excellent trip to GIS in San Antonio – 12 students went down in total while 2 of our students attended STMA for the first time.

Dr Raudenbush has had success with a grant application for further work with moss – and our newly purchased microscope will help with that. Further projects are being initiated currently and updates on those will be brought out in the next couple of months..

Snow Mold field day was a success – attendees received trial result data as well as information on sprayers and herbicide options for 2018. Students also attended and we are very grateful to both NOGCSA and Sand Ridge GC for all the help they provided in setting up the event.

Our weather station is now in place on the west side of Cleveland and is reporting on soil moisture and temp at 2″ depth under short cut turf, radiation, wind speed, salt concentrations among other things – we will be using the data to begin creating our bi-weekly scouting report. Along with that we are looking to begin a monday morning call in qb session to help discuss weekend issues and look at what might occur in the coming week – keep an eye out for more info coming on that too!

Our weather station is now in place on the west side of Cleveland

Finally our Turfgrass Equipment Manager certificate has had final approval for changes in classes and name and will be available for enrollment in fall of 2018. The schedule can be seen below and we believe this a real need for the industry nationally that we are serving. If you are interested in more information get in contact with either Dr Nangle or Dr Raudenbush at

Thanks and go bucks

Snow Mold Field day – date is set!

For those of you who were waiting with bated breadth (I know – nobody was) – the date has been set for the second annual OSU ATI Snowmold research field day – Thursday April 5th!

The site is once again Sand Ridge CC with the event being hosted in the clubhouse this time. Registration / Coffee & Donuts will open at 8am with the first talk and plot tour beginning at 9am – bring boots!

Dr Gardner and Dr Raudenbush are also involved with herbicide and sprayer insights to round out the day which will then be followed by lunch. ODA and GCSAA credits will be available.

Interested? Register here!$clsc&EventID=96

Trial plots November 2017

Trial plots March 19 2018 – they are there somewhere!