Language Pod at LSA

The Language Pod team – Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Cynthia G. Clopper, Kiwako Ito, Leslie C. Moore, Shari R. Speer, Laura Wagner – will present ‘Language outreach within a science museum’ at the 2015 Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Our presentation is part of a workshop, Linguistics for Everyone: Tools and Tips for Do-It-Yourself-ers, organized by Joan Maling (NSF/Brandeis U) and Barbara Pearson (UMass Amherst). In this workshop, teams from OSU, U of Arizona, and U of Maryland share their experiences and demonstrate sample activities that they have used successfully in various venues.

Linguistics outreach at BUCLD 39

My Language Pod colleagues and I will present ‘Language Outreach within a Science Museum’ at the upcoming Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 39) as part of a special poster symposium about linguistics outreach. We – Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Cynthia G. Clopper, Kiwako Ito, Leslie C. Moore, Shari Speer and Laura Wagner – will discuss how we use our language sciences research lab at COSI and train students to promote understanding of research as a process and language as a domain that can be studied scientifically.

Discourse Analysis Conference at OSU

OSU hosted the 2014 Discourse Analysis in Educational Research Conference this weekend. Four of the previous conferences have been held at The Ohio State University, four have been held at Indiana University, and University of Wisconsin. CVEDA reception small sharpThe heart of the conference are small group sessions devoted to sharing and discussing work-in-progress. To the right is a photo of friends+colleagues at the wine and cheese reception on Saturday evening, hosted by my new colleague Mileidis Gort (in black, standing behind me).

Celebration of OSU/COSI Partnership

The OSU@COSI Symposium Series celebrates the breadth and depth of this unique and nationally-recognized partnership. The inaugural symposium on March 21 is an opportunity to learn how OSU researchers work with COSI to enhance their research programs by using COSI as a venue for data collection. We of the Buckeye Language Network Language Pod will be presenting, along with two other groups from the Labs in Life, OSU’s working research laboratories at COSI, as well as researchers working in other spaces at COSI. Hear from faculty and students who collect their research data at COSI and learn how COSI can help you recruit participants for your research. The event will take place from 3-5 pm at COSI, 333 W. Broad Street, Columbus, OH, 43215. Register today.

AAA Panel on Language and the Immigrant Experience of Children and Youth

I just participated in a double panel, ‘Language and the Immigrant Experience of Children and Youth’ at the 2013 Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Organized by Inmaculada M. García-Sánchez (Temple University) and sponsored by the Society for Linguistic Anthropology, the panel brought together language ethnographers to examine the experiences of immigrant children and youth (Somali, North African, Vietnamese, indigenous Mayans, Romanians, Turkish, Iranian, Mexican) in an integrated fashion and in a number of cross-cultural settings. My paper “Making African storybooks culturally relevant and culturally marked in a Kindergarten classroom in a Somali-centric school” examines the use in read alouds of storybooks that depict Africa and Africans in Kindergarten in a charter school that serves primarily the children of Somali refugees who have resettled in a large US midwestern city.

Language socialization and the future of Anthropology of Education

Teachers College Columbia is hosting a conference On the Future of Anthropology in Schools of Education this coming weekend, October 18 and 19. With Patricia Baquedano-López (UC Berkeley), Inmaculada García Sanchez (Temple), Kathryn Howard (California State University, San Bernardino), and Laura Sterponi (UC Berkeley), I have co-authored a paper, “Exploring the intersection of language socialization research and the anthropology of education”. Our paper is part of the session ‘Open Roads: Renewed Possibilities‘ (beginning at 0:36:40).

Locating Language at OSU

Locating Language: A Symposium on the Linguistics of Place is being hosted by OSU’s Department of Linguistics (with support from the BLN), April 20-21, in the Round Meeting Room, Ohio Union. The symposium explores the relationship between language, place, and identity. While region or geography is sometimes taken for granted in linguistic work, recent research has highlighted the complexity of the ways in which speakers use language to orient towards place, demonstrating that linguistic practice does not merely reflect place, but also constructs it. The plenary speakers are Barbara Johnstone (Carnegie Mellon University), Galey Modan (OSU), and Lauren Hall-Lew (University of Edinburg).

Keynote at OSU Mansfield Diversity Conference

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, The Ohio State University at Mansfield and the Office of Multicultural Affairs hosts its one-day conference “Empowering and Engaging Diverse Perspectives: A P-16 Approach” to encourage discussion and critical thinking on issues of diversity and inclusion in the P-16 educational pipeline. The morning keynote speaker is Dr. Bob Moses, founder of the Algebra Project. I am the afternoon keynote speaker, and my talk is ‘Expanding repertoires of practice: Educational experiences of children in the Somali Diaspora’.

Work-in-progress session at NCTEAR 2013

OSU hosts NCTEAR this year. My Second Language and Literacy Lab (SL3) group have a work-in-progress session on Saturday, February 16, 1:45-3:15 in Arps 100. In our session, ‘Multiple Perspectives on Talk around Storybook Read-alouds in a Kindergarten Classroom’, we discuss our collaborative work on 23 read alouds NCTEAR smallrecorded in a Kindergarten classroom in a charter school that serves primarily the children of Somali refugees who have resettled in Central Ohio. Sirad Shirdon, Se Jeong Yang, Tanti Sari, and Ani Pujiastuti will present their analyses, each having taken a different analytic approach to the read aloud data. We will then discuss our efforts to integrate these different insights into read alouds as key sites for constructing meaning and developing cultural/linguistic minority children’s familiarity and facility with English language and literacy practices.

Language, place, & borders panel at AAA 2012

This week at the 2012 Meetings of the American Anthropological Association, Marcia Farr and I presented coordinated papers, ‘Differering allegiances to home: Transnational bilingualism and biliteracy’. Our papers were part of a panel organized by OSU Linguistics student Shontael Wanjema, ‘Language, Place, and the (De)construction of Borders’. Elsie Rockwell was our discussant, and the panel also included a paper by T&L student Sidury Christiansen.