Talk at International Institute for Social Studies

On Jauary 22nd, I will give a talk at the International Institute for Social Studies in The Hague (part of Erasmus University Rotterdam). In this talk, ‘Leveraging Qur’anic schooling for Western-style educational goals‘, I discuss how the role of Qur’anic schools in advancing national and international development goals for education has shifted over time, and I consider the notion of ‘leveraging’ in development work, i.e., the use of existing social structures and practices in/of the community to achieve international cooperation and aid goals.

Language Pod at LSA

The Language Pod team – Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Cynthia G. Clopper, Kiwako Ito, Leslie C. Moore, Shari R. Speer, Laura Wagner – will present ‘Language outreach within a science museum’ at the 2015 Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Our presentation is part of a workshop, Linguistics for Everyone: Tools and Tips for Do-It-Yourself-ers, organized by Joan Maling (NSF/Brandeis U) and Barbara Pearson (UMass Amherst). In this workshop, teams from OSU, U of Arizona, and U of Maryland share their experiences and demonstrate sample activities that they have used successfully in various venues.

Language Pod on

BLN language pod tattooCOSI’s president David Chesebrough has posted on a piece on ‘University-Science Center Partnering in Ohio‘. He presents the guiding principles and elements of the OSU-COSI partnership, including partnership activities such as the Language Pod. In other Pod news, we will soon have temporary tattoos to give out. The tattoo design is by Pod postdoctoral researcher Liz McCullough.

NSF REU grant for Language Pod summer program

The Language Pod at COSI will be an NSF Research Exerience for Undergraduates (REU) site. PI Laura Wagner and Co-PI Kathryn Campbell-Kibler have been awarded a 3-year (2015-2017) NSF grant of $353,750 to make the Language Pod an REU site devoted to “The Science of Language and the Language of Science”. I will be one of the mentors in the summer program at the Pod in which undergraduates are trained simultaneously in research skills and science communication skills. We will recruit students from all the OSU campuses and from Columbus State Community College.

Talk for VU’s Anthropology of Children & Youth Network

On Friday, November 14th I will give a talk, ‘Moving across languages and learning traditions’ in the monthly seminar of the Anthropology of Children and Youth Network at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. I present an overview of my research on the social and cultural patterning of children’s language learning in communities whose members use multiple languages and participate in multiple learning traditions. The seminar is in room Z-007, the Metropolitan Gebouw.

Linguistics outreach at BUCLD 39

My Language Pod colleagues and I will present ‘Language Outreach within a Science Museum’ at the upcoming Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD 39) as part of a special poster symposium about linguistics outreach. We – Kathryn Campbell-Kibler, Cynthia G. Clopper, Kiwako Ito, Leslie C. Moore, Shari Speer and Laura Wagner – will discuss how we use our language sciences research lab at COSI and train students to promote understanding of research as a process and language as a domain that can be studied scientifically.

Language Pod featured by O&E

OSU’s Office of Outreach and Engagement has featured the Language Pod , describing how we combine the interest many people have in language with engaging hands-on experiments in the Labs in Life exhibit, a partnership between Ohio State and COSI that provides the public with a chance to watch and participate in real research as it happens.

ScienceWriters2014 at COSI

October 17-21, Columbus, Ohio

OSU will welcome ScienceWriters2014 this fall, October 17-21, 2014. The event is a meeting for science writers, by science writers. It includes professional development workshops, briefings on scientific research presented by the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, and lab tours and science field trips organized by OSU. On Saturday, October 18th, 5:45 to 9:30 pm, there will be an awards gala at COSI, and the Language Pod will be in full effect for the occasion.

Sirad Shirdon joins AERA Div G Grad Student Exec Committee

My advisee Sirad Shirdon has been selected to serve on the AERA Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee. Division G promotes cross-disciplinary studies and research on relationships between educational processes and the social, political, and economic contexts in which they occur. Sirad will work with the mentorship subcommittee, which connects graduate students with faculty members across the nation.

Student internship program in language science outreach

The BLN Language Sciences Research Lab at COSI (aka the Language Pod) is launching a student internship program that expands on the core instruction provided in LING/PSYC/EDUTL 5700 Training in Science Education Outreach course and gives students a more intensive hands-on learning experience that involves close one-on-one instruction with a faculty mentor. All students who have completed the 5700 course will be eligible to participate. Students with alternative relevant experiences may be invited to participate on a case by case basis. The program is funded by a Special Grant from Social and Behavior Sciences and matching funds from the departments of Linguistics, Psychology, Speech & Hearing Science, and Teaching & Learning, as well as the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences and Applied Developmental Sciences in Education.