The Ohio State University

University of Utah

  • 2011. Tetsuo Kobayashi, “An interactive visualization toolkit for mobile objects.”  Current position: Senior Data Scientist, MetLife
  • 2010. Christopher Upchurch, “Dynamic accessibility analysis using space-time paths for public and private transportation”
  • 2008. Adam Sobek, “Generating synthetic space-time paths using a cloning algorithm on activity behavior data.”  Current postion: GIS Analyst, Travelers Insurance.
  • i2007. Phoebe McNeally, “Holistic geographical visualization of spatial data with applications in avalanche forecasting.”  Current position: Director, DIGIT Lab, and Research Associate Professor, University of Utah
  • 2005. Nobbir Ahmed, “Time-space transformations of geographic space to explore, analyze and communicate transportation systems.”  Current position: Product Engineer, ESRI, Inc.
  • 2003. Yi-Hwa Wu, “Dynamic models of space-time accessibility.”  Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Humantities and Social Science, Northwest Missouri State University.


University of Utah

  • 2011. Joshua Groeneveld, “Agent-based modeling of bicycle-light rail interactions in Salt Lake City.”  Current position: GIS Coordinator, Division of Emergency Management, State of Utah.
  • 2009. Ying Song, “Space-time visualization of dynamic traffic data.”  Current position: See above
  • 2007. Tina Gillman, “Evaluating transportation alternatives using a time geographic accessibility measure.”  Current position: Project Manager/Landscape Architect, Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation.
  • 2004. Scott Bridwell, “Space-time masking techniques for privacy protection in location-based services”
  • 2004. Adam Sobek, “Access-U: A web-based navigation tool for disabled students at the University of Utah.” Current position: See above.
  • 2001. Phoebe McNeally, “Avalanche slide path stability modeling.”  Current position: See above.
  • 2001. Bertrand Granberg, “Automated routing and truck permitting system for Utah Department of Transportation.”  Current position: Director, Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center
  • 2000. Mathew Sheehan, “Networked multimedia GIS: A framework for creation of an interactive internet application”.  Current position: Principal & Senior GIS Developer, WebMapSolutions.
  • 1999. James Hofmann, “A GIS data browser for economic development and location decisions”.
  • 1999. Jeni Siebeneck, “Spatial interaction-based trade area delimitation using GIS.”  Current position: GIS Administrator, West Valley City, Utah.
  • 1998. George J. LaBonty, “Improving accessibility of public health care facilities.”  Current position: Senior Operations Planner, Utah Transit Authority.
  • 1995. John Lowry, “GIS modeling of hazardous material vulnerability at the U.S.-Mexico border.”  Current positionFaculty of Science, Technology & Environment, University of the South Pacific