Wayne Miles, Ph. D – Principal Investigator

Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Professor Nicholas Dyson, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center.

Ph.D. in Developmental Biology from the University of Manchester, U.K., under the supervision of Professor Hilary Ashe


Raleigh Kladney – Research Assistant

I am currently working on generating RNA-seq and ribosome profiling data on RPE cell lines that have had several tumor suppressor genes knocked out by CRISPR. I am also generating this data on several HNSCC cell lines with various mutations negatively effecting tumor suppressors as well.



Chenyu Lin, Ph. D – Postdoctoral Research Associate

Our research focus on posttranscriptional regulation factors such as global system identification of RBPs, RNA antisense capture assay, RNA secondary structure technologies and CRIPSR drop out. To unveil the extensive interactions between RBP and or RNA structure, our research try to improve current technology via integrating multiple methods to  expand versatility of RNA roles in diverse molecular system.

Jalal Siddiqui, Ph. D – Postdoctoral Research Associate

I received a BA in biology (with a program of study in Computational Biology) as well as a BS and M.Eng in chemical engineering from Cornell University.  Following this, I earned a PhD in Biophysics at The Ohio State University in the Biophysics Graduate Program under Dr. Jonathan Davis.  During my PhD training, I focused on understanding the role of calcium binding proteins in cardiac physiology and disease utiling both experimental and computational methods.  During my postdoctoral training (2017-2019) under Dr. Ewy Mathé, I focused on developing computational tools integrate multi-omics datasets (metabolomics, transcriptomics, microbiome).  My work here focuses on developing bioinformatics pipelines and conducting bioinformatics analyses on cancer datasets.

Swetha Rajasekaran, Graduate Research Student

Madhoolika Bisht, Graduate Research Student