Upcoming Conferences


Abstracts Due February 10th.

Lindsey Solden April 11 3:40pm

Mikayla Borton April 12th 1:20pm

Register by March 17th

Late breaking abstracts due by March 6th

Register by April 20th for Early bird prices

Invited Talks

Kelly Wrighton June 2 at 3:00-3:30pm in “Geomicrobiology: Linking Cells to Cycles”

Contributed Talks

Lindsey Solden June 3rd from 3:00-3:15pm in “Interactions for the Common Good: Metabolism, Syntrophy and Spatial Biogeography in Microbial Communities” Room 356

Jordan Angle  June 3rd from 3:00-3:15pm in “Microbial Feedbacks to Climate Change: Current Status, Challenges and Future Perspectives” Room 349

Garrett Smith June 3rd 4:30-4:45pm “New Methylococcaceae Genus Possessing Unexpected Denitrification Potential Dominates Freshwater Wetland Soils” Room 356

Mikayla Borton June 5th 11:30-11:15pm in “Beyond 16S: New Insights into the Human Microbiome in Health and Disease”, Room 356


Bridget O’Banion June 3rd 12:15pm-2:15pm in Ecological and Evolutionary Science – EES06 – Geomicrobiology

July 16th-21st Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Register by June 15th

Submit abstracts by June 21

Register by July 5th

Submit abstracts by May 31

Register by July 28th

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  1. I am working on microbial biofilms and i would like to receive updates for conferences related to microbial biofilms…..

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