Wetland Soil Sampling

It was a beautiful Fall weekend to sample soil cores at the Wetland last week! Kelly and Jordan took our rotation student Lennel Camuy-Vélez to take soil samples, measure dissolved oxygen, and set up an experiment to measure methane production potential. Lennel will be with us for the next 8 weeks measuring methane and analyzing genomes and transcripts from the Wetland – and hopefully taking some more great pictures!

Melanie explores Lake Retba Archaea

Unknownimages 2

Melanie De LaRosa, a summer intern from Puerto Rico in the Wrighton lab showcases her research at the undergraduate OSU SROP meeting.  She isolated Archaea adapted to high saline conditions in Lake Retba (lake rose, for it’s pink color caused by the microbes) in Senegal, Africa. Many thanks to Prof. John Reeve, Prof. Chuck Daniels (both in the OSU Micro department), and SROP (http://www.gradsch.ohio-state.edu/summer-research-opportunities-program.html) for their support.