JGI MGM workshop

Our students are representing Ohio State and our team at the Joint Genome Institute’s Microbial Genomics and Metagenomics Workshop. OH!



Undergraduate Research Scholars

Congratulations to our two newest undergraduates, David Morgan and Bridget O’Banion on receiving Undergraduate Education Summer Research Fellowships through the Summer Undergraduate Research Institute at Ohio State! We’re excited to have you around for the summer 🙂

Frontiers of Science Symposium

This week Kelly took shale across the ocean and spoke at the German-American Frontiers of Science Symposium , a National Academy of Sciences meeting.

Check out some of the twitter buzz about the meeting:

Recent shale news








Images: Mike Wilkins, Ohio State University

Top:  Bacterial culture isolated from shale wells, incubated in a titanium cell under high pressures and temperatures.

Bottom: Cross section of hydraulic fracturing process.

New Life for Fracturing Wells – asme.org


Some of the natural gas produced by shale wells may actually be produced by microbial life introduced during the fracturing process.

Learn about the latest energy solutions at ASME’s Power & Energy Conference and Exhibition.