Wetlands summer field sampling is in full swing! Our team of undergraduate students, graduate students, and research scientists are sampling for one week each month at Old Woman Creek National Estuary Reserve, taking more than 100 soil cores over the course of the summer!  

In the field, we are collecting soil samples and measuring dissolved oxygen and green house gas emissions.


Back at the lab, we are measuring iron, nitrate/nitrate, acetate, and total organic carbon from soils collected in the field. We are also extracting DNA and RNA from each sample for single gene, metagenomic, and metatranscriptomic analyses.


We are so excited to have this comprehensive soil dataset and can’t wait to start piecing together the chemical and biological features that impact greenhouse gas emissions. Many thanks to our funding sources, Ohio Water Development Authority (ODWA) and Department of Energy (DOE), for making this possible!

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