Diana Abells

Diana Abells is a third-year graduate student in the area of Art and Tech

Artists that are inspiring you

Mike Kelley, Bruce Nauman, James Casebere

Books you are reading
Ramona The Brave by Beverly Cleary
The Doll’s House by Rumer Godden
The Memory of Place: A Phenomenology of the Uncanny by Dylan Trigg

TV shows and/or films you are watching
Adam 12, House, A Bit of Fry & Laurie, PBS Newshour

Sites you are surfing

Music/musicians you are listening to
Dave Mason Certified Live album

Colors you are concentrating on
Dark and Light

Regimens that are important to your studio process
Using a PC (Windows)
Recording as much video as possible, with very little planning, then seeing what I’ve got and what patterns emerge when I edit on the computer
Bringing my lunch

Want to see more of Diana’s work? Visit http://deabells.altervista.org/