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Below are several data sets developed by this project for use in secondary analyses. Please use the following for citations.

J. Craig Jenkins, Matthew Costello, Katherine Meyer, Hassan Aly and Thomas Maher. 2013. The International Rentierism Database: Global Indicators (or Middle East/North Africa Indicators), 1970-2010. Columbus, OH: Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State University.

This dataset provides a set of measures of the relative sizes of international rents as gauged by the underlying shares of these transactions as a percent of national income. In addition to the shares of oil and natural gas and mineral production and exporting, we include a set of measures of international economic aid and assistance, military aid and assistance (U.S,), international remittances, and international tourist revenues for country-years 1970-2010 along with a set of standard country identifiers. We provide both current $U.S. estimates of the absolute values of these international transactions as well as share measures normalized against GDP and population. The Middle East/North Africa version is the basis for Jenkins, Meyer, Costello and Aly (2011).

Kurdish Conflict Database (KCD) provides a comprehensive listing of over 2000 conflict incidents involving Kurds as either targets or actors world-wide since 1958. The incidents were extracted from existing databases as well as newspaper archives. Incidents are geocoded at the city level and provide where possible information on the date and location of the incident, the type of incident or attack, the name or identity of the attack group, the target of the attack, and the conflict motive.

J. Craig Jenkins and Andrew Herrick. 2013. Protest in the Arab Awakening: 2006-2011. Columbus, OH: Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Ohio State University.

This dataset provides daily event data on the protests and coercive policing leading up to and including the Arab Awakening of 2010-2011 in the 18 Arab majority states in the Middle East North Africa region as well as Iran, the Sudan, Israel/Palestine and Cyprus. These were coded by Andrew Herrick from Reuters World Newswires, accessed through Factiva online. In addition to the actor, event form and target of events, we identify interactive events where two or more events are summarized in the same news story as responding to one another and occurring on the same 24 hour day. For protest events, we provide estimates of the number of participants.