CME Webcast Teaches Viewers About Pneumonia

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014CME Webcast Teaches Viewers About Pneumonia. Pneumonia continues to be a plague on the human race. Each year in our country, 5.6 million people get pneumonia. It is the second most common reason for admission to the hospital and the 6th most common cause of death. Overall, it costs us nearly 20 billion dollars every year. On this CME Webcast, we’re going to re-examine pneumonia: what causes it, which patients need to be admitted to the hospital, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. Joining our Moderator, Dr. Jim Allen, is general internist and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Jodi Grandominico. Also joining them is pulmonary and critical care specialist and also Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Sarah Tapyrik.

View a video introduction of this webcast

What you’ll learn in this webcast

As a result of this educational activity, webcast participants will be able to: DESCRIBE appropriate treatment for CAD; DEFINE the different types of pneumonia that can occur in or around a healthcare setting; and OUTLINE most common organisms, or groups of organisms, that commonly infect patients in the hospital and best treatment strategies.

You’ll also learn about the following:

  • Hospital-acquired versus community-acquired pneumonia
  • Pneumococcal vaccines and insurance coverage
  • The relationship between influenza and bacterial pneumonia
  • When you should order a bronchoscopy
  • Common pneumonia mimics
  • Duration of antibiotics for pneumonia
  • Mycoplasma and Chlamydia pneumonia

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